The Bahamas is trending and attracting more flights, says tourism director general

The Bahamas is “trending” and passing all tourism rebound expectations that have been set locally and globally, Director General of the Ministry of Tourism and Aviation (MOTA) Joy Jibrilu told Guardian Business yesterday.

“We’ve passed all the expectations that have been set even in the global sphere,” said Jibrilu.

“Airlines are in business and they are looking for places they can go to.”

The Bahamas has been picking up numerous new routes from airlines like United Airlines, Virgin Airlines, and Frontier Airlines.

According to Jibrilu, while British Airways was once cautious about opening too many legs to The Bahamas, the airline is now asking for more.

And Jibrilu said visitors are comfortable with the health protocols the country has put in place.

“The traveling public seems to think with the protocols that are in place that we’re still an OK destination to visit, so we’re capitalizing on it,” she said.

“Virigin, we’ve been trying to get them for I don’t know how long and got them finally to the table and showed them the numbers. So, when they compared it to all the other destinations, they actually saw we were quite far ahead.”

Jibrilu said the MOTA changed its messaging during the pandemic to entice visitors back to the country when COVID-19 started to improve.

She said it has been proven that the demand is there and that The Bahamas is in a good place that needs to be maintained.

“People want to still come to The Bahamas. They are coming and they are filling aircraft,” Jibrilu said.

“The strategy throughout the pandemic … we were very conscious of our marketing strategy.

“We changed the message of the marketing, so what you were doing was just putting out inspirational types of campaigns. We’re seeing the results of the strategic approach of the marketing strategy.”

What The Bahamas can expect this Christmas, said Jibrilu, is new routes and new gateways.

She also explained that Bahamians still have their own role to play in improving travel to The Bahamas by getting COVID-19 under control.

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Chester Robards

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