The delusions of transgenderism

Dear Editor,

The human mind has the power to believe anything. Ideas are the seeds of belief. This mind can believe the truth or a lie with equal ferocity or absolute indifference. History proves this point.

Men have believed they were racially superior to other races and have killed to prove their belief. Men have believed people could be taken as property and be treated as or made to work as animals with no regard for their humanity. Men have and still do believe that they can maim, kill or terrorize others in the name of their god, and the list goes on and on.

There are those who understand the power of shaping and influencing the mind to believe things that are not true by fine-tuning and revising various propaganda methods used for population control. They use political and social pressure with pseudointellectual, pseudoscientific arguments to advance their causes. In no area is this more obvious than in the globally mobilized LGBT community, but more specifically the transgender arm of that community.

A delusion is a strongly held belief in the face of contrary evidence. In other words, a person can choose to believe a lie when evidence of the truth is staring him or her in the face. In other words, if a person believes their goldfish is dead, but it is swimming in the fish tank, that objective evidence should be enough to convince them they have a false belief. To persist in believing the fish is dead contrary to the evidence is delusional.

For those confused about their genders, this is also true. Genetics determines the anatomy. The mind determines beliefs. Those who believe differently in their minds from what their anatomy says are said to have “gender dysphoria”. There is a disconnect between their minds and bodies for a reason some want to attribute to a cause other than the mind.

News outlets publicized a study by Brown University last year showing that there were social and peer pressure influences in groups of young people who claimed to be transgender. Naturally the LGBT community was up in arms about that study! Instead, they want us to believe that a person can be the sex they “feel” they are and not the sex they were born. They would have us believe that what a person thinks they are is more important than what is expressed through genetics and their anatomy.

Basic genetics tells us that men have XY chromosomes and women have XX. There are rare instances when three chromosomes may be expressed, but this is not what we are talking about here. Men like Bruce Jenner who fathered six children, after intimate relations with women, would have us believe that he is a woman because he says so, puts on a wig and uses female hormones and surgery to change his external features. It should be obvious that painting a watermelon to look like a pumpkin does not transform the former into the latter. So if a person can change his or her sex (something hardwired by genes) by the power of feelings, why can’t they change their race? The same is true for a 90-lb adult woman believing she is fat and exercising or restricting calories in order to lose more weight. Objectively one would have to say that her belief does not line up with reality, and the medical community would not reinforce her delusion to make her feel better about herself. They certainly would not do it on a national or international scale.

Dr. Paul McHugh was psychiatrist-in-chief at Johns Hopkins from 1975-2001, and has had a distinguished career in medicine. He coauthored a series of articles on sexuality and gender in a science and technology journal called the New Atlantis. After reviewing current scientific literature, he says several things of interest. Firstly, the evidence suggests that people are born either male or female (which is obvious) and that there is no biological explanation to support the LGBT notion that people are “born that way”. He also highlights the high rates of mental illness in the LGBT community and suggests that social stigma alone is not enough to explain this. In short, he says that the scientific evidence does not support the contentions of and path currently recommended by some in the medical community concerning transgenderism, and of using surgery and hormones blockers, especially in children. The article, though long, is an interesting read and I hope your readers would review it.

As a transgender organization plans to have a meeting in The Bahamas to assert for the “rights” of transgender people, we as parents have a responsibility to educate ourselves and protect our children from ideas that can alter their core identities by defying truth and common sense. Adults can believe any lie they want to, but society at large and my children in particular should not have to share in their delusions.

– JB

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