The deplorable state of the Grand Bahama airport

Dear Editor,

For we Bahamian and international travelers, coming and leaving the so-called Grand Bahama International Airport is just short of maximum disgrace.

After three years post Dorian, the taxiways and tarmacs remain in disrepair.

Riding over them in multi-million-dollar aircraft brings back experiences of riding in the old truck of our pastor, Father Cornelius Osendorf, OSB over the quarry and holey (not holy) roads of Long Island back in the early 1940s.

The dizzy rocking and rolling has the head dancing when entering and leaving our airport.

Fortunately, the runway is acceptable. But even after acquiring the airport for $1, justice could have been exercised in at least offering the government part of the insurance money to properly repair some of the critical areas.

I will not comment on the arrival and departure areas. Even though they could do with some serious attention, we can expect that will come soon with the critically necessary rebuilding of the airport.

In spite of the fact that government may not have acquired funds from insurance to rehabilitate all aspects of the airport, this island, Grand Bahama, pours into the national treasury millions of dollars every year.

Included in those amounts are also the high taxes we and international travelers pay in leaving and arriving at this place.

Many people have lamented and criticized this obvious neglect, but are too afraid to speak out. But the pilots and attendants have indicated that they are just tired of complaining.

This very unacceptable situation begs the question: do we on Grand Bahama have a diminished deserving power base, due to our dubious history?

Too many of us are of the schizoid mindset that we are neither fish nor fowl. Are we then viewed as some wicket outside stepchild?

On what template are we painting the future of this island? Too much comes and disappears on this island with little or no recompense, consequence or accountability.

My great, noble and progressive minded deputy prime minister and minister of tourism, please do whatever is in your power to restore some of the dignity to this part of the Commonwealth by making arrivals and departures from this island once again an experience to cherish.

An enormous amount of paving has been going on refurbishing the roads in Freeport lately.

Could not some of the leftover material be used to smooth out a nice and comfortable arrival and departure at the second city?

Joseph Darville

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