The destruction of Abaco’s hills

Dear Editor,

One has only to drive in and from the town of Marsh Harbour south toward the Bahamas Power and Light Wilson City Power Plant to see the number of hills that are in the process of being torn down and destroyed.

These hills, many of which are more than 30 feet in height, provide a natural barrier to and protection from hurricanes and, of course, provide elevated land which may well provide a means of survival for future generations of Bahamians.

Attached are recent photos showing several instances of how hills on Abaco are being completely denuded and destroyed.

It is disappointing that organizations (national and local) that hold themselves out as protectors of the environment appear to have done little to condemn/prevent this ongoing activity on Abaco.

It must certainly undermine the government’s position and credibility with regard to holding industrialized countries responsible and accountable for the dire effects of climate change when existing laws are not enforced, which could prevent such ongoing destruction and prevent the diminution of resilience to such effects.

I hope that the minister for the environment will investigate the ongoing destruction of the hills on Abaco and take immediate and appropriate action.

Yours sincerely,

Fred Gottlieb, OBE

Marsh Harbour, Abaco

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