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The difference between a challenge and a lifestyle change

You’ve been doing exceedingly well for the last few weeks, and everything’s going as planned. You’ve adjusted your eating, your workouts are consistent, and you’re motivating the people around you (that’s my favorite part). All of a sudden, something happens. It’s like an ominous domino effect that has everything spiraling out of control.

Your environment created a relapse. Your surroundings allowed you to tap into bad habits that you were consistently progressing over. Whether it’s your co-worker bringing in the treats that you promised you wouldn’t indulge in, or the continuous weekend outings with friends that’s created the debacle. Either way, you’re in a dive and you feel like you can’t get yourself out of it.


Now is the time to realize that the individual in the mirror is still a beautiful person. Chastising yourself for your slight relapse only does one thing, create a deeper relapse that is a monolith to get over.

As individuals, it’s easier to create a continual negative mindset about something, than focusing on the positive progressions we’ve taken and create positive cognitive thoughts in the long-term.

No one is exempt from this. It all relies on how you deal with your downfall moving forward.

First, take a deep breath and understand what’s taken place. Then, make a conscious effort to understand that you’ve built self-control before, and you can definitely do it again.

Create the mindset that you didn’t take on a health and fitness challenge and it’s no time to turn on yourself. Understand that you made these changes because you wanted a lifestyle change. One that would keep you healthy (physically and mentally) and that you want to look damn good whilst doing so. That’s the difference between a challenge and a lifestyle change folks.

A conscious effort can make or break any situation. It can be the catalyst of a positive change or the downfall of many outcomes. By making a conscious effort when you’re out, in your office, in the food store or in your relationships, you simply accept that there’s something that needs to be adjusted and you’re willing and capable of doing so.

As with anything, your environmental relapse didn’t happen overnight. It took time and a sub-conscious effort. With that said, make a conscious effort to stay the course and understand that we all have our slip-ups. It’s the individuals that rebound that get to stand by their lifestyle change.

• Stay positive. Be purely consistent. Achieve more. And go get it! Emilio Bullard is a personal trainer at Balmoral Club. He can be contacted at sweattherapy@gmail.com.

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