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The door is never shut 

Where can I go from your Spirit? Where can I flee from your presence? – Psalm 139:7

What a powerful opening statement expressing the presence of God! The omnipresence of God letting us know that yes, we can run, but surely, we cannot hide. It is also a powerful affirmation of faith as today we celebrate God’s knowledge, power and presence.

God is not to be mocked as he knows everything about us, our thoughts, our deeds, our words, our intentions, our every movement. When we were in our mother’s womb, He protected us and followed our daily growth pattern and at the right time, safely delivered us into this planet called Earth. No wonder verse six of this Psalm concedes that, “Such knowledge is too wonderful for me, too lofty for me to attain.”

There have been times when the weight of this life becomes too heavy to bear and negative thoughts flood our minds and we think of running away from God. But, we are assured that it is a useless venture, for if we went up to Heaven, you would be there; if we lay down in the world of the dead, you would be there. One hymn writer penned, “Living below in this old sinful world, hardly a comfort can afford. … Seeking the refuge for my soul; Needing a friend to save me in the end, Won’t you tell me Where could I go but to the Lord.”

Around three in the morning is when I am up in deep meditation and powerful thoughts flow like a peaceful stream. I thought of this scripture and no matter how new inventions come up in the world of science and technology, it is latent revelation given to mankind. The bird soars through the air and all creation is synchronized to their likeness and species. Then I thought of this scripture, especially mankind doing wrong and thinking he will get away and no one will ever find out about the “perfect crime.”

But are not body cameras a bit late in the game as when things happen that go against the grain of man’s understanding and the question is asked, “Where is God?”. Our scripture text comes into practice: for every human, entry into this world comes with a shadow and a built-in body camera that records every movement, saying that is done until the day of our departure from this world. So, why worry when the clock keeps ticking and our body camera never eases from recording every iota and title.

Yes, where do we think we are going when we do wrong, cheat people out of what is due to them, use the poor for our gain and strike selfish arrangements and agreements.

But all is not lost, for each new day is for the purpose of confession and restoration. It is the ever-flowing mercy from a forgiving God. Though we have sinned and gone far astray the door is never shut to return home to goodness, righteousness, love and forgiveness.

What a powerful psalm that asks the question of and for all times, Where can you go to hide from the creator of all creation?

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