The effects of climate change and global warming on The Bahamas

Dear Editor,

During the past three years of research on current environmental issues, I’ve realized that it’s time for The Bahamas to take global warming and climate change more seriously.

Many may not believe that these factors are real, and this is what makes the situation of global impacts more devastating.

Global temperatures are rising, sea levels are rising, and our ozone layer is being depleted right before our eyes because of global warming.

If global temperatures rise as much as two degrees celsius, we would be in serious trouble.

Furthermore, The Bahamas would suffer horribly because we’re not that high above sea level and the developed islands of our country can only hold so many people in case of a grim natural disaster.

There have been so many instances that occurred over the past few years, like the intensity of hurricanes, hail occurring in The Bahamas, and the acidity level rises in our waters, along with increasing temperatures that can kill coral reefs, that have left me baffled and questioning if our government noticed these changes.

The Bahamas depends on our marine resources in order to make a living, and our number one industry, which is tourism, depends on it heavily.

These matters are usually placed on the back burner because many people wouldn’t see it as a big issue.

This is also becoming a major problem because it’s happening due to human activity.

Yes, humans will be the cause of our demise believe it or not.

We are currently in the Anthropocene epoch, meaning that the earth is dying due to careless human actions that we feel will be beneficial to us not considering that our time on earth is being lessened.

We burn fossil fuels like coal and natural gases because we want to make money and create energy quickly and not invest in renewable energy.

We destroy the environment on a day-to-day basis by deforestation and the careless disposal of garbage, and we diminish natural resources in order to cater to our needs.

It’s beginning to become saddening because the earth is a gift given to us and we are in charge of taking care of it; however, we are not doing our job correctly.

Human bodies need to be taken care of in order to have proper functions; what makes us think that Earth doesn’t need the same thing?

Bahamians should know more about what is happening with the climate so we can begin to change as one.

We can learn more about these environmental factors and later educate younger Bahamians on environmental sustainability and technology so they can find interest in this in order to make The Bahamas a better country.

Let’s implement more green energy investments; let’s continue to educate the public about reuse and recycling; let’s continue to negotiate with international bodies in order to reduce greenhouse gases; let’s be stricter on littering and garbage disposal; let’s learn the importance of green spaces and how they are beneficial; and let’s acclimate an attitude to save our country instead of capitalizing from every little thing.

This is our nation and living a more sustainable lifestyle starts with us.

– Tiara Ashley Brown

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