The gift of majority rule 

Dear Editor,

When I look back to my high school days and reflect on what Majority Rule Day meant to me, it was seen as a holiday with minimal significance as it was a day off from school and a holiday a day before my birthday.

Now that I have grown and taken a profound interest in the improvement of The Bahamas, I now see days like Majority Rule Day and Independence Day from a different perspective. I no longer see this day as a day off, but rather a necessary step toward equality and Bahamian perseverance.

Many Bahamians celebrate this day but don’t truly know what it means to them, or they understand the significance but see it as an end result; some people even disregard it entirely because of the current situation they are witnessing in The Bahamas.

We should look at these historical achievements as a stepping stone toward true equality and true independence in The Bahamas. Our ancestors made great sacrifices to pave the way for us, but they didn’t cross the finish line; they passed the baton onto us and it should be our civic duty to carry on their work, so that when it’s our turn to pass the baton, the conditions for progress will be even better for the next generation.

We must understand that the circumstances that we have/are faced with are things that simply cannot be changed instantaneously; it will take time.

We must now take the gift of majority rule and use it to work toward better conditions for education, a better and diverse economy, better and more reliable utilities and everything else that will make The Bahamas an overall better place for all Bahamians.

We must take the gift of majority rule and use it to create a Bahamas that all Bahamians are excited to live in and build their career. We must take the gift of majority rule and make The Bahamas a breeding ground for more Bahamian excellence and achievements that would then become a gift to the next generation.

I am confident that we will achieve all of those things but we cannot get there until we achieve unity through a common goal.

All in all, we cannot let the work of those before us be in vain. The Bahamas may not be totally ideal but I implore you not to see it as discouraging but rather as motivation to appreciate and continue the progress achieved by the heroes before us.

We must help create The Bahamas we want to live in and leave for our children. We must be the change we want to see.

Bryant Lowe

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