The Giveback Girl is at it again

The non-profit organization is raising money to help the Ranfurly Home

In 2016, when Scieska Adderley’s Aunt Eithne Bowe died, she created a tribute befitting her aunt who loved to give to family, friends and strangers in need.

That’s when Adderley launched the Giveback Girl, which seeks to support families in crisis.

Before her aunt passed away due to complications with sickle cell anemia, she headed an annual family giveback initiative during the yuletide season.

“I decided that we would continue the tradition of giving back,” Adderley said.

During The Giveback Girl’s first year, Adderley and other family members provided gifts to the students of Stapledon School. 

Every year since then, they’ve carried multiple initiatives as their reach expanded.

The tradition of giving continues today.

The Giveback Girl’s latest initiative is to decorate in the transitional units located at the back of the Ranfurly Home.

Dairy Queen has partnered with a local non-profit organization to raise funds for one of its community service projects.

Adderley expressed her excitement to collaborate with Dairy Queen on this initiative, as the organization exists to raise awareness and support families in crisis.

“We’ve recognized that so many people are in need, so we’re doing what we can to relieve them,” she said. 

“But the reality is that we need money to do that. Therefore, fundraising is crucial for us at The Giveback Girl so that we can help more people. Dairy Queen is a very community-minded entity and sees the value in giving back.  So, we’re incredibly grateful for their support.”

So, how can you benefit from this sweet deal?  Purchase any five featured fall blizzards, and Dairy Queen will donate part of those proceeds to The Giveback Girl. Funds raised will assist the non-profit find housing for displaced children.

Director at Family Fun Treats Ltd., which operates the local Dairy Queen franchise, Darnell Osborne, said they’re incredibly pleased to partner with The Giveback Girl for this worthy cause, as it is a well-known family brand that celebrates families and children. She said this initiative aligns with her personal and business beliefs.

“I grew up in a home with a mother who absolutely and sincerely loved all children. She grew up in the over the hill community. She would bring children home, freshen them up, and feed them and this was something that once she had her children, she also instilled in us. 

“We saw her taking care of little children whenever she could. So all of our friends became her children too. I grew up in a home where children were loved and celebrated,” she explained.

Osborne added, “In this case, we’ve teamed up with The Giveback Girl to assist the Ranfurly Homes for Children with their Transitional Unit project. Usually, when you turn 18, you’re considered an adult and in a position to take care of yourself. But the reality is that at 18, we’re just beginning life. So, we need to help these children be in a comfortable setting. At the same time, they transition into their new lives, and Dairy Queen is delighted to be a part of this, assisting in a small way to make them comfortable in their space as they navigate the real world through continued study or work.”

This latest partnership comes on the heels of the group hosting its first fundraiser, Mosaik, earlier this month at the Ocean Club’s Golf Course. The wine, art, and jazz event featured Scieska’s late aunt’s never before released artwork.

Since launching The Giveback Girl brand and series in 2016, they have facilitated several community service initiatives that benefitted special needs students, hurricane survivors, cancer caregivers, and children’s home residents.  

“With the public’s help, we aim to raise at least $5,000. We’re grateful for this opportunity that Dairy Queen has given us,” Adderley said. 

“We at The Giveback Girl are passionate about what we do. We’re here to make a difference, an impact, and do what we can to make The Bahamas a better place. Everyone deserves to have a chance to live the best life possible.  So, I invite you to reach into your pockets, pull up to the nearest Dairy Queen and order one of those delicious fall blizzards. It’s one of the sweetest deals you’ll ever make.  These kids need us,” Adderley explained.

The month-long promotion with Diary Queen ends November 30th.

 But Adderley said there are several other opportunities to contribute as The Giveback Girl is always looking for opportunities to pay it forward.

“You don’t have to be a millionaire to give,” she said. “If you do your part, God will always see it through.

“Once you’re willing to start, I can almost guarantee you that people are willing to help.

“When I started in 2016, it wasn’t something that I wanted public, it wasn’t anything that I was looking to do to this magnitude, but it was something that just started. So, I encourage others to give.

“Many people assume that I am the giveback girl because I am at the forefront of The Giveback Girl. But truthfully, the giveback girl is my late Aunt Eithne, who started the tradition.

“Me, as her niece, I want to continue her legacy. I’m very proud to be my aunt’s niece.

“ … She was all about giving of herself to her loved ones and giving of herself to people in need.

“I want that tradition to continue. I want that legacy to continue and I want more people to join in giving.

“I hope the story of The Giveback Girl, the inspiration behind The Giveback Girl, inspires you and moves you to do something in your community to make it better.”

Adderley, who is a public relations and communications manager at Kanoo, said she eventually wants to take on The Giveback Girl full time.

In the meantime, she said she and her team, a mix of family and friends, who are widely supported by corporate Bahamas and civic organizations, want to continue to be good stewards of donor money.

Eventually she said she wants the organization to establish a presence in all of the Family Islands and to establish a corporate office and warehouse in New Providence.

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