The head-spinning spin and conspiracy
theories of the last week

For most of us, the elections have long been over; however, in the realm of social media and chat groups nationwide, the political wars rage on.

I must admit, as a professional stand-up comedian, I look for material everywhere and, in most cases, I will find something to work with.

Recently, I’ve noticed that the political “BS” and spins in the chat groups and Parliament have gotten weak.

Let’s have a gander:

Consider the source

One of the most critical steps when receiving political information is to consider the source first.

That will lead you to authenticity, credibility, and whatever factual information there is.

Knowing if the source is pro-PLP or pro-FNM will instantly allow you to know how many grains of salt to use in your measurements.

Take, for example, the viral voice note and accompanying video circulating from last Saturday and shared ad nauseam by PLP “trolls” regarding Long Island MP and former Water and Sewerage Corporation Chairman Adrian Gibson, who police have said they want to question.

Yesterday, official word broke; actual, factual information was released in relation to the whole ordeal.

In an interview with my colleague here at The Nassau Guardian, Jasper Ward, Gibson’s attorney, Romona Farquharson-Seymour, said police contacted her to ask when Gibson will be back in town, so that they could speak with him.

Commissioner of Police Paul Rolle confirmed the same, stating, “The investigators have reached out to all the various parties, including his attorney. I’m not inclined to go any further in the comments than that.”

Farquharson-Seymour added that Gibson would cooperate with any investigation launched.

She also expressed dismay in the way the investigation had been conducted thus far, noting that it appears Gibson, who is a member of the Free National Movement (FNM), is being targeted for his political affiliations.

So, according to Maury’s lie detector, that viral voice note and video regarding Gibson was a lie!

But wait, there’s more.

Food program money is the new VAT money

The food program money is going the same route as the value-added tax (VAT) money.

Conspiracy theories for political mileage, nothing more, nothing less.

On Monday, Prime Minister Davis tabled the report from ATI Company Ltd., a fledgling auditing firm engaged by the government. Davis concluded that more than $10 million in public funds had vanished.

Ironically, Davis claimed all of this despite a 138-page report from ATI Company Ltd. producing no evidence to support corruption, fraud, or misappropriation of funds.

Show me the money

Ten million dollars is a considerable sum of money to disappear into thin air without a trace.

I, like many other Bahamians, want to know “where it gone?”

However, bogus conspiracy theories and political pontification and posturing aren’t going to get us to the bottom of this whole affair.

Hopefully, PM Davis will stick to his guns regarding considering steps to compel NGOs that participated in the Minnis administration’s food program to turn over missing financial information.

There is “no conclusion” as stated in the auditor’s report; narratives of the stolen money serve no purpose but to muddy the waters and promote weak political propaganda.

Sharing such drivel only exacerbates the situation.

So, until I hear or see different, the food program money is playing “hide and seek” as the VAT money did; it will turn up somewhere over the next four years.

Not to be outdone 

Making sure his submission made the bad political “BS” list, former Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis opined that the current government tax the rich to assist the poor as The Bahamas grapples with inflation.

This can’t be the same man who removed VAT off caviar, airplane parts, and bovine bodily fluids to cater to the rich and famous.

Additionally, if my memory serves me correctly, didn’t Dr. Minnis suggest taxing the “rich” in his previous capacity as PM?

And after a candid letter from an influential, wealthy Lyford Cay resident, “Doc” and his administration were left cowering and ducking for cover, never to mention taxing the “rich” again!

With a popularity rating slightly over Putin, “Doc” needs to have several seats and spare us the diatribe.

Become Bill Clinton-like

Sadly, I think political “BS” from our MPs, along with loyal party supporters, regurgitating tired, old party rhetoric blindly has become a part of the Bahamian political landscape.

So, to this end, since it’s not going to change, I implore all politicians, the present administration, and Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition to practice your delivery.

Might I suggest studying former US President Bill Clinton, who offered up many political “nuggets” in his time? Possibly his finest bit of political “BS” ever came in his darkest hour as president.

Fresh off of testifying before the House in an impeachment hearing regarding the Lewinsky scandal, Clinton was asked on the steps of the House by a slew of reporters if he had tried to coach or coerce Lewinsky’s testimony.

Without missing a beat, as cool as the other side of the pillow, Clinton replied, “I put no words in that young woman’s mouth.”

An instant classic and the kind of political “BS” I don’t mind hearing; yes, it’s “BS”, but it sure is entertaining!

Until next week, be good, Bahamas, and if you can’t be good, be good at it!

Inigo “Naughty” Zenicaze- laya is the host of radio show “Talking Heads” on Guardian Radio.

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