The human spirit — always the balance

Dear Editor,

The enticing smell of a well-done fully seasoned steak can be quite compelling to a homeless person passing by your home on any Sunday during dinner time.

Noticing that stranger outside of your home with no money or food or the means to enjoy such a feast is a reality check.

In a fast paced society, where we all endure and exhaust our energies, it is easy for a jaded mentality to manifest.

We all get caught in the grind with blinders on, which seem to be contemporary fashioned apparel!

In addition, explosive computerized infrastructures and techno advances stand as the epitome of “puppeteering” as our social agenda appears robotic to its callings. The social platform of old-school seems somewhat faded as common hospitality and aggressive rapport among strangers treads the line of an anomaly.

The progressive momentum of artificial intelligence induces a quasi adaptation of interaction that has taken the place of our natural order of communication.

The exchange of energy that conceptualizes our common innate co-existence as human beings is undoubtedly nurturing, but modern relationships and communications have been distorted by global platforms of social media and pseudo-relationship formats.

Enduring life’s daily demands impacts our mental agility that is pushed to the limit and the spirit of another’s efforts to promote calm can be more than just therapeutic.

Do we really pay attention to those who suffer financially, socially and economically?

How many of us have felt empathy for those who have not?

Is this not the essence of the human spirit?

There is nothing more riveting than a distorted mental state being uplifted and nurtured by a friend, stranger or loved one. Even in our most successful stages of life, we can all use those positive rays of light from another!

Reflecting on the luxuries and privileges in life, we should all try to remember that others’ lives may not be as fortunate as yours.

Some of us are quick to label strangers we see in the community who exemplify odd behavior, but we fail to take into account what experiences and misfortune that person could have endured.

The substance of the human spirit is to take pause in our judgment against another and show empathy and sympathy as we react to their behavior traits or antics.

Because communication is more confined to texting and mobile devices, the true power in relating to others is an obvious societal deficit that we must overcome and mend for relationship and health utility!

Let us remember the true power of interaction and revitalize the very fabric of life that drives us all to a happier experience — the human spirit!

What’s good for life is worth every effort from every citizen to schedule into their own individual calendars and agendas a promise to give more attention to others.

What is precious to you, may even be more precious to another. There is complete and utter power in the expression of active love, active care and active concern for others.

Dr. Dennis Walter Smith Sr., D.C.

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