The marijuana, marital rape distractions 

Dear Editor,

I thank the Lord Jesus Christ to be alive and well right here in our wonderful nation at this time. As a people, we are at a critical juncture.

Our people are demoralized, sick and tired of false political messiahs, fake promises and fake achievements.

The economy is at an apparent place that no one in this regime seems to know the true state.

The deputy prime minister, who is also the celebrated minister of finance, appears to be lost in space. Crime and the fear of crime are hindering national development big time.

With the entire nation in meltdown mode and much work to be done, we are hobbled by a dithering prime minister and a top-heavy Cabinet that is clueless about their portfolios and national advancement.

We should all want any government to do well for the nation at all times. Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis and his people them, however, are talking matters that are of no real and pressing concern to most right-thinking Bahamians.

Yes, some of them are important but right now the bread and butter issues dominate public debate.

We want to eat and drink like the rest of you all.

A non issue is the one-sided conversation on marijuana and the proposed marital rape bill. In my view, both of these are akin to political rape of the highest and most vicious manner.

No lawfully married man should ever have to get to the point where he forces sex on his wife. Sex is based on expressed or implied consent between the parties.

It is as simple as that. If I were to rape my beautiful and wonderful wife, Gigi, I should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the criminal laws.

It is as simple as that. It is amazing that so-called Christian adherents seem to be indicating that scriptures do not allow for a husband to be charged for marital rape!

Some of these people are perceived as leaders in The Bahamas!

While marijuana may have medicinal benefits, the worldwide jury has long been out relative to recreational usage.

Marijuana is a much-abused dangerous drug here in The Bahamas and we must send that premature report back to the ganja commission. The recommendations are half-baked and grossly lopsided.

People have been smoking ganja for eons and there is no need, at this time, for drastic and ill-thought-out, so-called progressive ideals.

This debate and presentation of a faulty report are beyond the pale and is akin to political rape.

On the campaign trail, Minnis and them NEVER talked about ganja. On the campaign trail they brushed off serious discussion on so-called martial rape. Now, maybe because they are void of solutions to the real issues, they are dragging marital rape and marijuana into the political arena as distractions.

Opposition parties, inclusive of the resurgent Progressive Liberal Party (PLP), must not take this bait and false narrative being rolled out by the regime.

Let them get down to brass tacks and come up with real and meaningful alternatives to the bogus agenda of this inept, even if well meaning, regime.

The real rape is politics and the politicians who seduce us with promises.

— Ortland H. Bodie Jr.

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