The nation has spoken; keep Minnis out of political leadership

Dear Editor,

In our rush to be free from the clutches of Dr. Hubert Minnis, most registered Bahamian voters decided either not to vote or to risk it all and vote for Brave Davis.

I was one of them who went against my better judgment and voted for the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) just to help get rid of Minnis.

It is a decision I am living to regret and not because I think Minnis would have been a better choice. Nope, not at all.

If it were up to me, and my guess many other Bahamians, Minnis would not be anything in government after his self-absorbed, disastrous term as prime minister.

Dr. Minnis lacked compassion and wisdom at a time when Bahamians needed it the most.

Now here comes the PLP.

From day one, when the PLP spent all that money, for the Opening of Parliament at Baha Mar, I was like, “these people have not changed, spending all that money as the country was still struggling due to COVID”.

We got the same ole; the “all for me, baby” PLP was back.

Then it was excessive traveling with huge entourages, and other issues, including Bermuda-gate, carnival scandal, JoBeth Coleby-Davis controversy, immigration crisis, murder crisis, the BPL scandal, double dipping of retired public servants, the roads, the water situation, taxi-gate, Grand Bahama, and so much more.

Obviously, it is clear to sensible Bahamians that the Davis administration is a failed government with many people who were eager to put them in now eager to kick them out.

The Free National Movement (FNM) is the  best alternative. But I keep hearing rumors circulating that Minnis wants to mount a comeback. For Christ’s sake, no!

Most Bahamians want nothing to do with Minnis. The Bahamian people have had their fill of the former prime minister and it is time for us to look to the future.

In fact, we must now move on from these senior citizens in Parliament such as Brave, Minnis, Fred Mitchell, Obie Wilchcombe, and Alfred Sears.

I cannot see any sensible Bahamian talking about trying to put Minnis back in the seat of power of the FNM.

It’s not like he did anything spectacular that helped push us forward or increase our value as a country.

Minnis was a mediocre prime minister at best. Plus I, like many Bahamians, cannot get over the lockdowns and curfews and the time the former prime minister tried to stop Bahamians from going to the food store before locking us down. That was cruel and inhumane.

Minnis just is not prime minister material and he and whoever may support him must face that fact.

The FNM, in my opinion, has a sensible, smart, compassionate, bright leader in Michael Pintard.

Pintard is holding the government’s feet to the fire at every turn. I was especially impressed with how he dealt with the government regarding the Bahamas Power and Light fuel hedge situation.

He was prepared and presented the facts, exposing that Minister of Works Alfred Sears misled Parliament, and raising questions over whether Davis had done the same based on certain revelations made by Sears in the House of Assembly.

Pintard seems to have an impressive track record as a MP in Grand Bahama where he is said to take care of his people – all people for a matter a fact.

Forget the FNM. I believe Pintard would be a better PM than Minnis and Brave combined!

Going back to Minnis is like going back to Egypt – a place of bondage.

It’s time to look forward, not backwards, unless we want to turn into a pillar of salt.

Rawson Square Man

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