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The only thing that matters is results

Have you ever met someone who tells you in flowery terms exactly what he or she is going to do with their life; they do indeed have big dreams, however, each time you happen to see them and you inquire of them how they are progressing in pursuit of all their wonderful goals which they set, somehow they don’t seem to be any nearer to the achievement of any of them than they were the last time you inquired about them. In other words, they’re long on talk but short on action, as that well known saying puts it. Yes indeed, it would appear that a whole lot of people dream big dreams, however, they never seem to take the appropriate action to make at least some of their dreams come true, become reality, thus they remain miserable failures for virtually all of their life. How very sad this is to observe.

After all, God gave every single human being an abundance of special and unique talents. He also placed within everyone the ability to dream big and thus vividly see themselves in their “mind’s eye” exactly where they want to be in the future. However, it would appear that they’re not prepared to do the hard work to get them from point A to point B on the road to success. And my friend, without any actual action on the part of the dreamers in life, obviously they get nowhere.

How very sad this is to observe – yes, it is. As the title of today’s article simply and succinctly puts it, the only thing that matters is results, and you can’t get results by just dreaming about where you want to be until you become a person of dedicated action – a person who daily takes the kinds of actions which will assist them in actually achieving their goals and objectives.

Yes, my friend, all of the talk in the world will not get you to success city; only dedication, daily action and hard work on your part will eventually get you to your desired destination in life. So, set ambitious goals by all means as it’s the starting point for all success. However, you simply must be prepared to do the hard work necessary to eventually make your dreams come true. All talk and no action is a sure formula for failure.


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