The PLP’s fake leadership in the COVID-19 fight

Dear Editor,

The leader of the PLP, the Hon. Philip Brave, stated the following among other crazy things in a recent PLP press release: “The PLP’s COVID Task Force continues to promote constructive policy solutions, including a dramatic expansion of testing, more effective masks, a real public education campaign, and close consultation with local medical professionals.”

What about the promotion of national unity and resolve in the COVID-19 war, Mr. Davis? What is the PLP’s COVID Task Force relationship like with the present regime, and other community stake holders?

Where is the PLP’s “get vaccinated” campaign and leadership when the nation really needs them, Mr. Davis? Where is the vital unified political partnership and guidance in The Bahamas when we truly could use them right now, Mr. Davis?

According to Mr. Davis and his PLP: The FNM is stupid and inept and the PLP has all the right answers to deal with the onslaught of COVID-19 in our society.

The PLP leader stated further that: “The new Emergency Orders restricting campaigning infringe fundamental free speech rights of Bahamians and are further evidence that the government does not believe it can win a fair fight.”

Mr. Davis’ primary focus and concern seems to be on the next general election. They are ready and prepared to win by hook or crook. Rocking the unvaccinated boat doesn’t fit into their strategy and plan – in my humble opinion.

Do not hide behind, “…closed consultation with local medical professionals”, Mr. Davis. Ultimately, the political decisions will prevail in our COVID-19 environment and economy. You and the PLP don’t seem to be up to the challenge of leadership in The Bahamas in this perilous COVID 19 battle.

As long as we are mixing and mingling, COVID-19 will spread more, Mr. Davis. So long as we welcome visitors to our shores, COVID-19 will remain alive and well among us, Mr. Davis.

If we encourage our campaign workers to be careless about vaccination and the COVID protocols, and more concerned about campaigning COVID-19 would continue to rage on in our communities, Mr. Davis and the PLP.

If the majority of us remain unvaccinated in the face of a very fluid and deadly virus, we could really end up on some painfully undesired tracks, Mr. Davis. Not even you and your party will want to preside over such a failed state. So, let’s therefore promote together: Get vaccinated, Mr. Davis and the PLP.

Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis, who must be the monster in your dreams, has already said over and over again that vaccination is the only way out of our COVID-19 crisis in The Bahamas and the wider world.

If you agree with that, I invite you to show some genuine leadership and join Minnis and his FNM government in getting those wise and prudent words out. Anything short of that is considered pure demagoguery, in my opinion, Mr. Davis.

Show some true leadership, Mr. Davis, and implement a PLP policy – which requires every PLP campaigner and poll worker to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in the interest of the health and wellbeing of our country, The Bahamas.

I’m going to use my fundamental free speech rights to say: Keep your unvaccinated PLP agents to yourself and your party.

It really looks like Brave Davis and the PLP feel that they could win the next government via a campaign by and for the unvaccinated using fundamental free speech rights as a front. The devil is a liar.

Yours etc.,

Dennis Dames

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