The Power of One

Three days – three chances to come together as one – with the goal to support fellow Bahamians in the wake of the devastation wreaked by Hurricane Dorian, covering all aspects of entertainment Bahamians love – sports, gospel and secular music.

The Power of One three-day weekend affair, from October 3-5, will feature an International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) Race Watch Party; DJ Godson’s “Jesus in the Park” event featuring local and international gospel artists; and an all-Bahamian concert featuring over 30 of the nation’s artists and bands, joined by other music artists from the region. And of course, Junkanoo will feature heavily into the Power of One weekend affair from which funds raised and goods collected will go to hurricane relief.

“I am excited for us to be able to put this event together,” said Dillion “D-Mac” McKenzie, vice chairman of The Power of One organization, which is comprised of people in the creative arts community who have come together to pool their resources and use their talents to assist in helping people.

The Power of One fundraised and collected goods in the wake of Hurricane Matthew, and then again with Hurricane Dorian – with the Kiwanis Club collecting monies and the Red Cross collecting all the other goods donated.

This time, The Power of One has partnered with the National Sports Authority (NSA), the sporting community and the Junkanoo community for next weekend’s three-day event that comes under The Power of One.

“I am extremely excited to see the support of the creative arts community – we’re talking visual artists as well – Jamal, Stephan and Allan Wallace who will be rendering paintings on-stage live, so it’s not just the singing community, it’s not just the production community, we have 13 production companies that are combining sound systems together to pull this event together. It excites me to see their willingness to come together. It is absolutely unbelievable. It’s an amazing feeling to pull something like this off once again,” said McKenzie.

The three-day Power of One event kicks off with the IAAF race watch party on Thursday. Bahamians are encouraged to gather at the national stadium for a 4:50 p.m. viewing of Shaunae Miller-Uibo and Stephen Gardiner contesting the World Championships 400 meters title in Doha, Qatar. Admission is $1; patrons are also encouraged to be generous and also make donations of non-perishable goods which will go towards Hurricane Dorian relief efforts during the event. Members of the Kiwanis Club will be on hand to collect cash, with Red Cross officials collecting all other donations given.

As with any Bahamian celebration, Junkanoo will be an integral part of the experience with a massive combined Junkanoo rushout expected in anticipation of Miller-Uibo’s win.

“We know she’s going to win,” said McKenzie.

The viewing party and Junkanoo rushout will be followed by a festival at which, he said, approximately 30 bands and artists are expected to perform. Among the artists scheduled to perform are the Soulful Groovers, Tropical Breeze Band, Ambasah, Judah tha Lion, Willis and the Illest, Haitian bands Fresh and New Band, Funky D, Sosa Man, Sammi Star, Elon Moxey, Rick Carey, Puzzle, Alia Coley, Nita Ellis, Bodine, Malia Gabriel and Ebony.

On Friday, October 4, DJ Godson’s “Jesus in the Park” will feature local and international gospel artists. It’s an event at which a combined Junkanoo rushout will be featured. Prior to the “Jesus in the Park” event, the deejays kick off events earlier in the day between 12 noon and 6 p.m. spinning top tunes at four roundabouts – the junction at Marathon Mall, the six-legged roundabout, the junction at the Reef restaurant and the junction at Baillou Hill Road and the East West Highway. The public will be able to see their favorite deejays at any one of these junctions. Kiwanis and the Red Cross will be present at the locations collecting donations as well, before the action moves over to the national stadium for “Jesus in the Park”, which starts at 7 p.m. and is free to the public.

The three-day Power of One event closes out on Saturday with over 30 of the country’s artists and bands – Synergy Band, Visage, Haitian band out of Florida, Stileet, Novie, Lady E, Patrice Murrell, D-Mac, Blaudy, Julian Believe, K.B., Wendy, Benji, Nehemiah Hield, Oscar B and Veronica Bishop will be joined by artists from around the region to rock out to down home vibes.

“No night is bigger than any night. We are just giving people three opportunities for them to see their favorite artists,” said McKenzie, who will also take to the stage.

Saturday’s festivities kick off at 2 p.m.; admission is $10. Organizers are asking people to again bring donations to continue with the relief assistance which Kiwanis members and the Red Cross officials will collect.

Saturday will also feature a telethon to attract the international audience that may want to donate, and broadcast will be live for the three nights.

“People can come at any point in time to the national stadium and bring donations to be received by Kiwanis and the Red Cross,” said McKenzie. “We’re just looking for the best that a person can give. We understand what it is in this particular time for folks and understand this is a pressure time for a lot of persons, but we do understand the power of us coming together and combining whatever we have [to] become that power of one. Bring your best of whatever you have to give,” he encouraged.

McKenzie said The Power of One Organization is more than just hurricane relief.

“We’re also as an organization coming together to start to discuss the concerns in the arts community, and this is a platform that we will be able to get together and hold forums on education, and to address issues persons may be having in any sector of the arts community,” he said.


(All events at the Thomas A. Robinson National Stadium)

Thursday, October 3: IAAF Race Watch Party.

Friday, October 4: “Jesus in the Park”, featuring local and international gospel artists; combined with a Junkanoo rushout.

Saturday, October 5: All-Bahamian concert, over 30 Bahamian artists and bands joined by regional artists.

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