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The pure in heart will see God

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God. – Matthew 5:8

With COVID-19, consumers can testify that there has been a drastic change in the size and quality of goods, food items, liquids of all description and calmly put, everything has changed and scarcity rules the day. The value of a dollar has shrunk tremendously and a basket full has now become a paper bag full.

Added to all of this, poor human relationship, assault on family life, no fear of God, no regard for respect and authority, disdain for Sabbath and Sunday worship, ingratitude towards parents and almost every conceivable vice that brings man to separation from God is found in every global village. Indeed, there has been a change.

Be that as it may, there is a remnant that will neither bow nor bend to the evil of Satan’s kingdom. There are the faithful who have left the world behind them and follow the cross before them. There are those who have not gotten rich and switched from the path of righteousness. There are those who have not become confused because friends don’t treat them like they used to.

Our text today assures those who are pure in heart, that they will see God. The heart constantly operates with a steady beat and through the four chambers provides blood to all parts of the body for sustaining life. If there is no heartbeat, there is no need to take blood pressure. In life, there are many who through deeds, words and actions, bring pain, sorrow, downcast spirits, sleepless nights, chaos and destruction.

The pure in heart are those who believe and convey messages of peace on earth and goodwill to all, regardless of who or where, those who serve God with single-minded devotion and unmixed motives. The heart is the inner self and mind.

The Jews of the day, like many today, place a lot of emphasis on the outward appearance and activities, but Jesus stressed that the purity of the inner self is in keeping with relationship to God. The pure in heart, love God and his mankind creation.

What a wonderful world it would be if we strive to towards being pure in heart. Daily, we should cease and desist from being unkind, and contrary to all, that would bode well for the good of our hearts.

Dear father, with the gift of each day, help me to strive towards a pure heart for the building up of your kingdom here on earth.

• E-mail or Write to P.O. Box, 19725 SS Nassau, Bahamas, with your prayer requests, concerns and comments. God’s blessings.

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