The right thing to do

Dear Editor,

The recent statement by the most honorable Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis on his support for expunging the records of people convicted for possession of small quantities of marijuana is progressive, courageous and in my view the right thing to do.

For decades, many young Bahamian men including those who live in the St. Barnabas constituency have had their lives and livelihoods put on hold as a result of these records. While we are a nation of laws and every citizen must abide by them, a criminal justice system must be equitable and just to allow real rehabilitation and reintegration into civil society.

I join with the prime minister in support of this timely and needed reform. As a member of Parliament, I look forward, as well, to the release of the report by The Bahamas National Commission on Marijuana and participating in any subsequent parliamentary debate to remedy a longstanding inequity in The Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

Shanendon E. Cartwright, member of Parliament for St. Barnabas

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