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The rise of ideological science

A very new phenomena in the earth that has arisen in recent times is what I refer to as ideological science. The reason I call it ideological science is because we are often told to trust science because it is tested and proven through experiments and verifications. Scientific conclusions are supposed to be based upon verifiable facts that have been thoroughly investigated and are proven.

In recent times, however, we have been presented with science that to my understanding of science is unproven and based more on ideology than science. For example, I read of a story recently where a grown person who was born a male was able to secure a new birth certificate that stated that they were born a female. This person had a sex change (I refer to it as adjustment because I have not seen evidence where a person can scientifically change their sex) and is now officially recorded as being born something that they were obviously not born. It would seem to me that if one had a sex change operation that there should be a certificate that states that they had surgery, and although born a male, through the surgery they adjusted their sex and are now functioning as a female. Unless I missed something, to change a birth certificate under normal circumstances would be considered a fraudulent activity.

The unfortunate consequence of such actions is that normal people who understand science to be something are then labeled as bigots for questioning something that logically makes no sense whatsoever. To me this is not science as we know it, but ideological science where scientists and scholars who have a particular ideology, cause the science to be adjusted to fit the ideology. I am not trying to be mean or distasteful but according to my understanding of science, a person cannot change their sex. A male born with a penis will never have a “real” or intrinsic vagina or female anatomy because it is scientifically impossible to achieve. The sex change surgery adjusts the person to a point where they have female characteristics but they can never be an intrinsic female because their physical anatomy is impossible to change; it can be modified to the point where it functions as female, but it is not actually female. In my mind, it would seem that certificate would be issued that the functional change had taken place but certainly not a birth certificate because the change happened well after birth.

I have read articles about sex dysphoria and how painful it is to the person experiencing it, and of course I would be sympathetic toward the plight of such persons but in our efforts to help such individuals if we are not truthful and scientifically honest, I believe we do them a disservice because in my mind, we are perpetuating something that does not really exists as it is being touted. Painful dysphoria cannot alter reality to ease the pain. Honesty to me would be you have experienced dysphoria, and it is being corrected or solved through modification to make you comfortable. I personally do not understand this to be a solution but if it is the solution used, it should be identified as such.

Another example of this is where such individuals are allowed to participate in sports as females when they may now be sporting female attributes, but these attributes are not intrinsic. The boy or man who was a male last year did not acquire a womb, the muscular structure and anatomy of a female but is accepted as a female. To me this is untruthful and is an ideological dogma rather than a scientific truth.

I believe every human being should be treated with respect and no one should be bullied or ridiculed if they have a dysphoria – and each individual should have the right to pursue whatever they believe is best for them, but to force everyone else in society to accept something that is clearly not scientifically true is an ideological stretch rather than a legitimate scientific fact. I hope that this trend does not continue because it is forcing the general population through threats and fear of being ostracized and criticized, losing a job or career, or reputation for something that is almost impossible to believe if the normal scientific principles are followed.

I have also seen instances where people date someone they believe to be a biological female but the female who has been adjusted does not tell the person the truth and they believe that they are in a relationship with someone who is an intrinsic female. Surely, if this is the case, the “adjusted” female should communicate to the natural man that he is female through surgical procedures and not born a female so that the natural male is not misled or disappointed when they end up with a type of female they did not desire to have. If someone cannot have children as they do not have naturally derived female organs, this should be made known so there is no confusion.

I believe there needs to be a clearer distinction between what is science and what is ideological science. We should not have ideology with no proven scientific basis perpetrated as science and forced upon populations when their eyes can see that what is being purported is not actually true.

• Pastor Dave Burrows is senior pastor at Bahamas Faith Ministries International. Feel free to email comments, whether you agree or disagree, to
pastordaveburrows@hotmail.com. I appreciate your input and dialogue. We become better when we discuss, examine and exchange.

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