The summer of ‘21

Dear Editor,

As the end of summer approaches, what should have been a time of great fellowship with backyard barbecues, basking in the sun, and frolicking in the sea, turned out to be a period filled with rage, anguish, and grief.

Young men are lying in the streets in pools of blood killed by their friends.

Mothers cry out in anguish; their bodies wracked with pain over the deaths of their children.

Coronavirus mercilessly, with a wide swath, stalks the careless and the innocent at will. Frontline healthcare workers are overwhelmed. The hospitals are overcrowded, and there is no space left in the morgue.

While COVID-19 cases are at the highest they have ever been, and the death rate continues to climb, the prime minister, at the peak of a pandemic, decided to call a snap election.

For the more significant part of 2020, the country was under lockdown with curfews and business closures for lengthy periods because, according to Dr. Minnis, it was about saving lives.

Now, while the pandemic is more dangerous than it has ever been, with an unprecedented record of hospitalizations and deaths on the increase, an election has been called.

Campaign headquarters filled with workers, trucks and cars loaded with maskless people on motorcades; whose lives are being saved?

It doesn’t add up.

My reason for voting in advance was to get away from the crowd, but Thursday, during the advanced voting, there was pandemonium at many of the polling divisions.

Social distancing was ignored, and there was hardly any special consideration for the disabled and the elderly.

Let’s just call it a wrong decision and leave it as that.

Nevertheless, it leaves one wondering what is going to happen on the 16th.

Prayerfully, Minister Marvin Dames does a better job at the polls  than what transpired last Thursday.

With the delta variant of COVID-19 lurking everywhere possible, what better opportunity than large, disorganized groups of people could there be for it to become more invasive?

Bahamas, let us not depend on the defense minister to keep us safe.

Pay attention to the testimonies of those who survived COVID.

Wear your masks, practice social distances at the polls, and get vaccinated.

Let us be on our best manners, and respect each other’s right to support the party of their choice.

The summer of 2021 will be recorded as one of the deadliest summers The Bahamas has ever experienced.

And as it closes out on September 21, let us pray and do our best for it to take with it all of the rage, grief, and anguish that came with it.

Stay safe Bahamas.

Anthony Pratt

Victoria Boulevard

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