The war Cabinet 

Dear Editor,

All of you know that for decades I have been privileged to be the biggest media supporter of the new prime minister, Philip Brave Davis, QC.

When he was a mere lawyer at Messrs. Christie, Ingraham, Davis & Company on Victoria Avenue, I was there.

When he established his own practice on West Hill Street north, I was with him and now that he has ascended the greasy pole, I have more work to be done.

Senior Cabinet ministers and ministers of state are now in place with seven parliamentary secretaries appointed.

Any prime minister has the constitutional authority to have any sized Cabinet of his choice.

Sir Lynden, God bless his soul, had one of the first so called ‘Gussie Mae’ Cabinets way back in the day.

Hubert A. Ingraham had even bigger ones. Perry G. Christie had big Cabinets also.

It is within the purview of the PM of the day to determine how best to deploy his parliamentary team.

He should be guided by the severity and urgency of issues of public policy and not just to secure jobs for his caucus.

The Bahamas is in a literal war on two fronts: we have yet to address the impacts and devastation of back to back hurricanes and the ongoing COVID pandemic is not going anywhere anytime soon.

In wars, the four-star general is mandated to deploy his troops as might be most effective and able to defeat the enemy. This is what Brave HAS to do.

The optics might offend some ill informed Bahamians, especially those in the opposition but there is a new sheriff in town.

I am especially pleased with the appointments of Alfred Sears as minister of works and utilities; Zane Lightbourne as the minister of state in the Ministry of Education; Senator Michael Halkitis as minister of economic affairs; Wayne Munroe, QC as minister of national security; Myles Laroda, minister of state in the Office of the Prime Minister, and of course I. Chester Cooper as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism & Aviation.

In fact, I endorse and love ALL of the appointments, so far.

The Bahamas is waging war on multiple fronts and we desperately need and require ALL hands on deck if we are to overcome the common enemies anytime soon.

I could care less if detractors call the Cabinet ‘Gussie Mae’ or any other names.

The tasks at hand are not easy ones and must be dealt with efficiently and effectively.

Minnis had a big Cabinet also even if it achieved next to nothing.

I would be remiss if I did not reference the election of Dr. Michael Darville in Tall Pines, and subsequent appointment as minister of health and wellness.

At some point within the next year we shall see and witness the introduction of a real national health initiative.

Again, I congratulate the prime minister and his team but none more than his immediate family who has been and is the wind beneath his wings.

Ortland H. Bodie, Jr.

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