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There is covering under the wings of the most high God

“Whoever dwells in the shelter of the most high will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.” – Psalm 91:1

So, how was your week thus far? Were you the recipient of any blessings or are you in the same sad situation that you have been in for the past 10 years? Did you send up a shout of praise to the most high God from whom all blessings flow, or are you still nagging, complaining Jane whose worn-out phrase is “poor old me”? Did you stretch out your hand to the poor or are you still hoarding every dollar you can lay your hands on, only to be left for a big-time spender?

Did you smile this week or are you happy that the mask is the right thing to hide the constant frown on your face? Were you a good parent or grandparent? There are many questions to be asked as to where and who you are. One thing is for sure – you are not in space, but positioned somewhere in the “lanes of life”.

A story is told of a very polished lady who stood up one night during prayer meeting to give her testimony. She was a stranger to the congregation. She started out by saying that, at one time, she had a sad life. She and her family were living in a dismal and dreary apartment in a crime-infested neighborhood. There were only a few pieces of old furniture, and most of the time, she did not have food for her family. In the midst of poverty, death came and took away her husband. Things began to go from bad to worse and depression began to take up residence.

In her despair, one night she turned on the radio and heard the preacher man proclaim that for every problem, there is a spiritual solution, quoting, “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the almighty.” She believed.

One night, while crossing the street to buy a loaf of bread, she was almost hit by an automobile. The driver got out to apologize. Today, he is her husband and they now own the apartment block. She told us that it is the most tastefully furnished on the block. Other landlords have followed suit, and as a result, the crime-infested neighborhood has been transformed to middle-class living.

Trust God, don’t move, improve!

The Psalms represent the hymnbook of the ancient Israelites. It reflects their faith and has had great influence on Christian worship as well. The Psalms were collected over a period of many years. They were used in worship in the temple in Jerusalem and in the synagogues of later Judaism. Some of the Psalms are general hymns of praise suitable for use on any occasion.

In our text for today, this eloquent poem is a dramatic conversation used in worship. Those who trust in God, enjoy His protection. God protects the person who cleaves to Him in love. The shadow of His wings is like a mother bird guarding her young. I experienced this some time ago, when the technicians from BTC came to repair a phone line. However, there was a bird nest just where they were to work. It took a very long time to get the job done, as that bird and her mate, along with a bird call for the bird posse, were chased away by the workmen. The workers told me that it is not easy but can be very dangerous.

So, as children of God, if the bird is so protective of her young, what about those who trust and obey the heavenly father? There should be no need to worry, fret or complain. When we are in need of whatever it is, we are to call upon Him; under His wings, there is no need to shout. Whisper a prayer to Him at any time, believe and receive. He may not come in a hurry, but nevertheless, He will be on time.

Many of you, your need may not be financial, but you are lonely and forlorn. You are under his wings; tell him what you want and be specific. Put your order in! Yes, no matter what state you may be in today, there is a spiritual solution for any situation; there is secret covering under the wings of the most high God.

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