‘There is hope’

As thousands of Bahamians begin to pick up the pieces in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, Governor General C.A. Smith last night pledged that there will be hope in The Bahamas again.

“There is no question that our people and our country have suffered a most grievous blow at the hands of nature,” Smith said in a national address.

“We all know that from time to time, throughout our history, we’ve had encounters with hurricanes of varying magnitudes, but none like Dorian.

“I remember a previous generation telling stories of the great storms of 1929 and 1932, but it is painfully clear that never before have we experienced such a destructive force as Hurricane Dorian.

“For what must have seemed like an eternity to those in its path, this hurricane hovered over the northern Bahamas wreaking immeasurable havoc on Abaco, Grand Bahama and their surrounding cays, while some of its effects were felt much further south.

“As we continue to progress towards a full assessment, it is clear that the devastation is unprecedented in our history. Many lives have been lost and our sincere condolences go to the families and friends of those who have lost their loved ones.

“I know your grief has no bounds and words are useless but we as your countrymen grieve with you. You are not alone.

“My thoughts and prayers are with the thousands of families whose homes and properties have been severely damaged or destroyed and whose lives are now shattered.

“This is a dark and joyless time for those who have lost everything. But we pledge to you that there will be light and hope again.”

Smith thanked members of the uniformed branches, the foreign aid, meteorologists, broadcasters and healthcare professionals for their tireless work.

Hurricane Dorian laid waste to Abaco and Grand Bahama as a category 5 storm, packing winds up to 220 miles per hour and storm surges of 20 feet.

Fifty people are confirmed dead as a result of the storm, with the number expected to rise.

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