Thousands use Sand Dollars during Jollification event

About 5,000 Jollification attendees used the central bank digital currency (CBDC) Sand Dollar to pay for their entrance into the festival, Suncash representative Lori Russell told Guardian Business yesterday, adding that while some vendors have become comfortable with Sand Dollar use, some are still reluctant.

Russell said more than 80 of the 100 or so vendors at the Christmas Jollification Arts & Crafts Festival, which took place over the weekend at The Retreat Garden on Village Road, used Sand Dollars to transact with their customers over the festival’s three days.

According to Russell, some vendors opted not to use Sand Dollars and digital wallets after bad experiences.

“We went back to them on the second day and they were actually shocked at how well the other vendors went dealing with Sand Dollars with Suncash,” said Russell.

“It actually went tremendously well. Some of those persons, even though they did have a bad taste in their mouth, we were able to of course persuade them to give it another shot and give Sand Dollar another chance, which they did and they were impressed and happy with everything that was going on.”

She explained that Suncash, the official digital wallet holder for the event, provided reliable internet throughout the festival, which was held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

“All of them had their own Wi-Fi, which they could have also given to the customers to pay them if they didn’t want them to rely on their data. We also had the internet available for persons who attended Jollification,” Russell said.

While Suncash was the official wallet, all wallets were being accepted. While she could not give a dollar figure, she said Suncash handled thousands of transactions over the course of the weekend.

Using Sand Dollar allowed attendees to skip long cash lines and get in at a reduced rate. Sand Dollar was one of Jollification’s top sponsors.

Russell explained that Suncash was also the official wallet holder of the recently-held Wine and Art Festival, adding that many of the vendors who used their hardware and solution during the weekend have expressed interest in keeping the systems for their small businesses.

“We haven’t had anyone who said they don’t want to keep this,” she said.

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