Threats case against MP adjourned

The trial of a former campaign worker for Free National Movement (FNM) MP Travis Robinson has been adjourned until next month.

Garvin Dawkins was expected to take the witness stand in his threats of harm trial before Magistrate Kendra Kelly.

However, his lawyer, Roger Minnis, requested an adjournment because he’s off-island.

Robinson went to police after Dawkins, 47, of Rupert Dean Lane threatened to “drop a bombshell on him” in a Facebook video in May 2020.

In his testimony, Robinson said he interpreted the remark to mean that he would be “shot”, a court heard.

Dawkins, better known as G-Money, made the alleged threat during a video in which he fired off expletive-laced criticisms of Robinson’s representation of the constituency.

In his video, Dawkins, who now supports PLP candidate Wayde Watson, also said that Robinson had two years left and his “days were numbered”.

Dawkins said, “I’m going to drop a bombshell on you, and you won’t know what hit you, and you won’t know where it’s coming from.”

Robinson testified that he perceived the remark as a threat. According to him, police came to him to take his complaint because he was “too afraid to leave the house”.

Robinson claimed that he was unfamiliar with the word bombshell in a political setting when questioned by Dawkins’ lawyer, Roger Minnis.

Minnis asked, “You ever heard the word bombshell before?”

Robinson replied, “On the streets I have.”

Minnis asked, “What did you take that to mean?”

Dawkins is expected to clarify what he meant when he testifies in his defense on October 15.

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Artesia Davis

Artesia primarily covers court stories, but she also writes extensively about crime.

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