Three Bahamians to be honored at Success Summit

Three distinguished Bahamian men will be honored at the Hubert Edwards Global Success Summit 2019 this Saturday, November 30. Barry Rassin, the first Bahamian president of Rotary International; Ricardo P. Deveaux, founder of the Primary School Student of the Year Awards; and Anthony Longley, first Bahamian and current director of Toastmaster’s International, will be honored for their leadership excellence in the country and internationally.

Success Summit, now in its third year, is focused on providing tools and principles for personal success, helping participants on their own success journey while providing them with informative and inspirational keynotes.

Hubert Edwards, founder of success summit, is a certified accountant and talk show host who devised the conference with an aim to connect a broad spectrum of Bahamian society and allow them to network and be invested in each others’ success.

“These three distinguished Bahamians, through their leadership and commitment, have positively influenced the lives of many, both locally and internationally,” Edwards said of the honorees.

“The standard for this award is very high and discriminating. We will recognize persons who are unquestionable leaders and active contributors to national life. Who, through their work, represent The Bahamas in ways consistent with national ideals and who, through their life, demonstrate the philosophy of Ubuntu (I am because we are). Barry Rassin, Anthony Longley and Ricardo P. Deveaux embody important leadership essentials.”

“Success Beyond Self” is the theme of this year’s event, which is targeted at corporate employees and executives, small business owners, public service workers, politicians and national leaders, young professionals, entrepreneurs, religious leaders, trainers and life coaches and any person committed to their personal development. The presentations on success and related topics will be comprehensive and transformational.

Speakers include: Duquesa Dean; Zhivargo Laing; Dr. Kenneth Romer; Ethan Hepburn; Ethan and Dekel Quant; Malachi Munroe; Ean Maura; Khrystle Ferguson; Rodney Bain; Simmone Bowe; Victoria Mullings and Hubert Edwards. In addition, there will be an international presenter, Pollo Prosper, a Haitian-American author and John Maxwell Team member who fought his way from the streets to achieve success as a retail leader, speaker, coach and entrepreneur. The summit’s title sponsor, Aliv, will have also two executives presenting.

Scholarships for Bahamian students have been made available through the success of the event. Three students from inner-city community schools were selected from a cohort of applicants and will be awarded scholarship grants. Scholarship awardees will be recognized and presented with their scholarship information at the summit. The scholarships grants are the Dr. Myles Munroe Memorial Scholarship Grant, sponsored by Aliv; the Michelle M. Miller Memorial Scholarship Grant, sponsored by Hubert Edwards Global and Friends; and the Dr. Richard Pinder Memorial Scholarship Grant, sponsored by Genesys Now.

The summit is open to the public and tickets are being sold at all Cash N’ Go locations. You can also register at Register and win a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, courtesy of Aliv.

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