Three men shot by police

As he pledged to take the fight to the criminals, Police Commissioner Clayton Fernander today expressed disappointment in the police officers who injured three suspects on Sunday morning during a police involved shooting.  

The commissioner suggested that more decisive action should have been taken as the lives of the officers and anyone else in the area were at stake.

During a press briefing at police headquarters, Fernander advised that three men were shot by officers after one of them opened fire on officers near Queen Elizabeth Sports Centre. The men were later treated and discharged into police custody.

According to the commissioner, officers attempted to pull the men over near the sports center.

“The officers beckoned for the individuals to stop and they had their lights flashing, but they refused to stop,” Fernander said.

“The individual that was in the rear seat of this vehicle [was] firing at the police. [He] actually [had his] door open firing at the police officers.”

 Fernander added that the officers returned fire.

The driver later crashed the vehicle in the area of National Insurance Board (NIB) and the driver fled.

Fernander said the three passengers, all of whom had “entry/exit wounds” were arrested. He said police found a weapon with an extended clip.

“What do you think should happen to those individuals when they are opening doors and firing at the police?” Fernander asked.

“They engaged the police. They were aware that they were police officers because the lights were flashing.

“They had their mic to say, ‘This is the police, pull over.’

“So, something is wrong. What do you think should happen?

“I was kind of disappointed with my officers because their lives were at stake. Their lives were at stake and anyone who may have been in that area during that time. You can look at the same incident with the young child. They were just driving going to the store and individuals ran across the vehicle.

“What do you think should happen to these individuals when they engage the police? Something is definitely wrong with that. And as I indicated, we will take the fight to them to disrupt what is going on in our community.”

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