Three people arrested in connection with death of seven-year-old

Commissioner of Police Paul Rolle said yesterday that three people were in custody in connection with the death of a seven-year-old boy.

Reyes Williams was shot and killed in Nassau Village on Sunday night during a drive-by shooting. 

Police said a man in a blue car fired at a group of people who were standing outside a home, hitting the seven-year-old.

Rolle’s comments came hours after Minister of National Security Marvin Dames said he was confident that police would find the “cowards” responsible for Williams’ death.

“[To] the cowards out there who committed that very tragic act last night, I have every confidence that Commissioner Rolle and his team with find you,” Dames said while speaking at a press conference about the National Neighbourhood Watch Council (NNWC).

“And this is a testament, too, to demonstrate who we are as a people because I am certain that there is someone out there who knows who was responsible for this act.

“I trust that you will bring that individual in as quickly as possible or you will communicate to the police who that person or those persons are. So, we continue to pray for the family.”

Dames said the community plays a vital role in preventing crimes like this one.

“[It’s] fitting that we’re here today talking about police-community relations and how we can improve our efforts nationally within the communities throughout the Commonwealth of The Bahamas,” he said.

“But it is very important to note, therefore, that each and every one of us has a vested responsibility in ensuring that our communities are safe.

“And I am certain NNWC will at some point reach out to the family and the community of Nassau Village to express their love and gratitude and to work together collectively with the police to see how we can improve and work with community-minded residents to improve the quality of life, not only of those persons residing in Nassau Village, but throughout the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.”

Dames said the police’s commitment to crime prevention will make criminals’ lives a “living hell”.

“We know that there are persons out there who are hellbent on committing crime,” he said.

“Their lives will be a living hell because we are committed to ensuring that our country is safe.”

Dames acknowledged that not every crime can be stopped, but he said he is pleased with recent trends. He said the entire country must play a role in addressing the issue.

“[Any] time [the commissioner] updates, me, I am very pleased with how the numbers are trending. You are not going to stop every murder. It’s always very unfortunate. You wish that you could and the police, sometimes they do.

“Anytime the commissioner has to report to me a murder, we’re all saddened by the fact that lives are taken.

“And that life last night of young Master Williams, it’s tragic.

“I couldn’t sleep after getting the report from the commissioner last night. And we all ought to feel that way. This is not only a police fight. All of us are in this.”

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Rachel Knowles

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