Through two years FNM delivers on promises

Dear Editor,

Working together, under the leadership of Prime Minister Minnis, we’ve made transformative accomplishments over the last two years. The Minnis administration’s focus on ending corruption and demand for higher expectations is opening the door to a future with better opportunities for all Bahamians.

A look back at the last two and half years, provided in video by the Office of the Prime Minister, shows a lot is getting done. And the best news of all is Prime Minister Minnis is just getting started!

Our Free National Movement (FNM) government promised to improve our infrastructure and has done so by constructing the largest power plant in Bahamian history; signing millions in contracts for infrastructure upgrades; transforming the long-neglected New Providence Landfill; and paving 52 roadways on New Providence. In 2020, attention to providing upgraded, modern infrastructure will continue.

Coming from humble beginnings, our prime minister understands the importance of education. As a result of this vision, our government is delivering on its promise to implement free tuition for students who qualify at UB and BTVI. Beyond that, more than 800 additional pre-schoolers have been enrolled in early childhood education programs. Tablets and internet connection have improved access to technology in our schools. We’ve built two new schools and are moving the needle on GLAT scores. Our government is preparing the next generation of Bahamians for a bright future.

Lastly, our government kept its word on improving the economy – for all Bahamians, not just the chosen few. The Minnis administration has focused on efforts to develop projects that will provide long-term, secure jobs for Bahamians – giving us more control of our future. We’ve also seen them reduce duty on clothes and shoes by 20 percent; provide millions in loans and grants for Bahamian entrepreneurs; and opening up crown land to residents in Abaco, bringing much-needed relief to many who are struggling.

While the woeful PLP has not let up its relentless attacks on any and all progress, the difference in leadership between their time in power and today is like night and day. Hope and opportunity are returning to the country. Through the next decade, our FNM government will continue building these early successes for all Bahamians because the prime minister knows the people deserve nothing less from our elected leaders.

The Free National Movement 

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