Tiffany is living by faith: Shares her testimony in three self-published quick read e-books

With three short-read e-books released in the span of mere weeks, Tiffany Brice-Ferguson said her goal is to motivate and inspire others, and to bring awareness and encouragement to people to rise above their less-than-perfect circumstances, which she admits is what she had to do to get to where she is today.

“I just wanted to bring awareness and to inspire people,” said Brice-Ferguson, 41, of the self-published e-books “Use What’s In Your Hands”, “You Don’t Need Money To Get Started on Your Dream” and “Grace All Around Me.”

The books are akin to her testimony – unemployed for 10 years, primary caretaker for a mother diagnosed with mental illness and having to rely financially on a dad who was nearing retirement – and of feeling isolated, but finding comfort and strength in her growing relationship with God.

The books address her coming to her breaking point at which she felt at her lowest, feeling judged, depressed and “stuck”.

“These books tell a transparent and triumphant story,” said Brice-Ferguson who is now a boutique owner, even though she had no money or resources.

Brice-Ferguson’s books tackle subjects such as “generational curses”, outlines her journey to entrepreneurship, graphic artistry, becoming an author, and wanting to encourage others to be inspired, have courage, faith and determination, with or without money.

“It is my hope to inspire, motivate and encourage someone to never let lack or struggles define you or stop you from becoming who you want to be.”

Brice-Ferguson said she used what she had in her hands, and said it all happened because of grace.

“I am a woman of faith. I owe my landlord up to a year of rent, and in this pandemic, I’m seeing people lose their home, so it’s all grace. My faith has a lot to do with it. I wrote these books for young entrepreneurs who are struggling, or who need inspiration to get started, because I have my faith and endurance, I’m still pushing, and grace is all around me.”

In the books, she recounts two personal stories – one that impacted her life at the age of 18, which speaks to the time she stole from a company. Having the trust of the owner, he allowed her to run his store and she took advantage of that trust in the worst way. But she said grace was bestowed upon her when that owner gave her a second chance. She said her chances continue to grow with a landlord to whom she now owes a year of rent.

Brice-Ferguson said she continues to rise above her circumstance, which includes living in a house without a ceiling and being able to see the rafters. The roof of her family’s home was destroyed in Hurricane Matthew in 2016. The family repaired the outer roof, but has not been able to repair the inside, so all she sees when she looks up are wooden beams. And she said they just got a bathroom.

“We had this house for more than 30 years, so no renovations were done to the place. With my dad the sole breadwinner, we made sure the mortgage got paid, and food was on the table, but the house started to rot. When you have gifts on the inside of you, imagine being in an environment that will stagnate you.”

Through it all, Brice-Ferguson said she held strong to her faith, that it has seen her through, and that she is stronger for it, which is why she is sharing her experiences in her quick, 30-minute-read e-books, which are available on Amazon.

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