Time for PM to act

Dear Editor,

Given where things are and have been for some months now with BPL and the recent disappointing performance by its CEO Whitney Heastie and Board Chairman Dr. Donovan Moxey and others, it begs the question of whether the current leadership is up to the task, especially considering that the minister responsible for BPL, Desmond Bannister, seems to be at his wits end, totally frustrated and overwhelmed, and to some extent, understandably so, because of the many challenges at BPL.

When Minister Bannister, who ultimately has full responsibility for BPL, told The Nassau Guardian that he would no longer grant the newspaper interviews regarding BPL, that was a sure sign that it is time for the prime minister to act.

A Cabinet minister in the government ought not conclude in his or her mind much less state publicly that he or she will not speak to the mainstream media in particular, as to his or her portfolio as ministers are accountable to the people.

That is one of the main reasons media exists, to question the government of the day about its activities, actions, inaction, policies, pronouncements or lack thereof. That is a hallmark of ours and any democracy.

It seems that Prime Minister Dr. Hubert A. Minnis now needs to step in and take action regarding the leadership at the very top and direction of BPL because the public no longer trusts BPL and has no confidence in the leadership nor its ability to resolve the current challenges that everyone (residents, small businesses and large businesses) is facing.

– Deeply frustrated Bahamian

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