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Time for us to be a righteous nation

“Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.” – Ephesians 4:31-32

The Word of God is so powerful that once we welcome the Word, listen to the Word and act on the Word, there is no space for long sermons, shouting, philosophy or the like. I have lived long enough to arrive at the conclusion that the less you say, the more people listen.

The best teacher is one who can get the class’ attention. With the complexity of life, its stages and phases, hardly any time is left for concentration on any one thing. The television is on; the phone is ringing; texting has outdone live conversation; the kettle is whistling for some time because you forgot that you put it on the stove; and the people who live in the house have become so hostile, each to the other, that home can now be termed a war zone.

Then there are suggestions coming from every nook and cranny as to the solution for the high crime rate and the excessively incredible number of murders so far for the year among so numerically small a nation such as ours. Let’s march. Let’s pray. Let’s protest. Let’s hang. Let’s change the national security minister and the government. But there is no placard saying let’s change our ways, attitudes and lifestyles for the better and not the bitter.

Because the word has gotten out that we are a people of all talk and no action, the moral and spiritual tear in our national garment is almost beyond repair, and only can be made new if we each hold a placard with the cure that is our text for today. Remember now that the church at Ephesus had as its members people, not animals, and as it was then it is now.

Can you imagine that every time we meet in churches for corporate worship it is a gathering of souls in need of the balm of Gilead to heal their wounded spirits? Some are sick, both physically and mentally; some are sad and some have lost the love they had. So, today, the Apostle Paul through the inspiration of Almighty Father is saying to us that only a change can bring a cure.

Bitterness or resentment if not dealt with would follow your every moment as you journey through life. It should not be toyed with as it leads to rage and constant anger. It causes change in your facial expression and can turn a beauty queen into an ugly toad. Shouting, screaming and insulting one another lessens the potential of those who have God-given gifts for the betterment of mankind and the good of the nation.

Hate grows with each passing day. There are many persons who have been hating the same person from kindergarten days and now they are in their twilight years. There are many persons who have entered into marriages hating mothers-in-law, and with grandchildren as a result of years, still hate mother-in-law.

The best time I know is time for a change – change from “I was” to “I am”. Whatever negatives that invaded your mind, soul and body and hindered you from becoming the beautiful, caring, loving person that God wants you to be, the power is within you. You have the power to change from “was” to “am”. Paul, without shame or apprehension, testifies that he was but a wonderful change came when Jesus came.

It is time for the Word of God. So, you are thinking that Dorian was just a Category 5 storm! The meteorologist will tell you that, but my Bible tells me that when a nation forgets God, his wrath is sure to be felt; and if you drive through the land here in the capital, you see no change. Bars are still full and churches are empty and everyone is doing their own thing because it appears that there is absolutely no law here. What move will God have to make for the nation to seriously repent? As a matter of fact, for some people Dorian came for them to be enriched in money and kind, egos to be inflated and spirits deflated, and the scheming machine to be well oiled and greased.

Seriously, it is time for us to be the righteous nation that will set the benchmark for the world. God’s prophets and teachers are among us, but we must be of one mind and spirit, and dispel the darkness that Paul warns the Ephesians invades their spiritual territory.


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