Monday, Aug 19, 2019

As Cabinet ministers continue to mull over the $5.5 billion Oban Energies deal, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Peter Turnquest has admitted he has concerns about the company’s inexperience, but added that Grand Bahama residents are “overwhelmingly” in support of the project. Oban Energies is seeking to develop an oil storage

Turnquest touts the importance of Bahamas govt registered stock on BISX

The introduction of government bonds onto the Bahamas International Securities Exchange (BISX) will hopefully boost funding for businesses through capital markets, Deputy Prime Minister and

Government officials view Holistica’s latest plans for Grand Lucayan, cruise port

Various government officials visited Royal Caribbean International (RCL) and ITM Group on Wednesday to view the newest iteration of Holistica’s (an RCI and ITM Group joint venture company) plans

Bid to stop 4M Harbour Island marina project

Owner of The Other Side hotel Ben Simmons and the Br-Island Responsible Development Ltd. (BIRD) group filed an application for leave to apply for a

How to master your time

Many people struggle with not having enough time. As things

Five elements that help people to listen to you

If you want people to listen when you speak, here

How to get clear on what you want

Imagine yourself in a race in which you, the runner,

Investar reports Titan fund’s offer ‘met every expectation and more’

Investar Securities executives have reported that the launch of the firm’s Titan Balanced Fund “met every expectation and more”, attracting more than 1,000 investors, many of

MIYA Bahamas working steadily on second phase of $83M project

It has been six years since MIYA Bahamas arrived in Nassau. Its mission: to assist the Water & Sewerage Corporation (WSC) in its efforts to

Ease of doing business committee satisfied with improvements

Chair of the National Ease of Doing Business Committee (EODB) Lynn Holowesko said the committee is very pleased with many of the policies introduced in

Bethel: Commonage law changes will require consultation throughout Bahamas

Commoners in the Harbour Island commonage district are hoping to get commonage rules and parts of the Commonage Act changed, but Attorney General Carl Bethel

DPM: Govt working to allay concerns about new customs online portal

In the next week to two weeks, the government will have resolved issues pertaining to the new Click2Clear online portal now being used by the Customs Department,

Bahamian stung by passion for bees

When Charles Burrows, 64, went on a hike one day six years ago on Long Island, he came across a large bee colony and though

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A major aspect of effective and influential communication is the

Can your proper speech be hurting you?

As a communication coach and trainer, one of the things

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Visiting the doctor is not the same as shopping at

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We have all thought to ourselves and even discussed with

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Have you ever been on an interview and examined an

How work is failing families

Work is one of the pillars of society upon which

Long island woes pt. 3

As I previously mentioned in an article published recently, many

Long Island woes pt. 2

Long Island is blessed with many fine sons and daughters

Long Island woes!

Our first famous visitor, Christopher Columbus, landed on the shores

Money and relationships

Undoubtedly a touchy subject for many relationships, finances and financial

What is an asue?

This word is synonymous with Bahamian culture. But an interesting

The importance of having multiple sources of income

Quite frankly, relying on one source of income is not