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Seven ways to improve your resilience

“Tough times don’t last, tough people do.” – Robert H.

How to master your time

Many people struggle with not having enough time. As things

Five elements that help people to listen to you

If you want people to listen when you speak, here

Govt still weighing its options on future of GB airport

The government continues to be unhappy with the state of and rate of repair of Grand Bahama’s airport, Minister of Tourism and Aviation Dionisio D’Aguilar

Carey: Lack of rideshare transportation stifling economy

The inability of The Bahamas to get Uber-type transportation moving in the country is stifling a huge opportunity for growth, businessman and real estate veteran

Central Bank issues first IPO for 2020

The Central Bank of The Bahamas (CBOB) issued its first initial public offering (IPO) for the new year on Monday, which the bank expects to

Insurance exec: Reinsurance costs up 15% following Dorian

Inquiries on property insurance by those who were uninsured before they were affected by Hurricane Dorian have increased, president of Summit Insurance Company Timothy Ingraham

Central Bank rolls out digital currency platform to employees

Central Bank of The Bahamas (CBOB) Manager and Head of Banking Cleopatra Davis said based on the high level of interest in the Central Bank’s

Year-end goal for complete Sand Dollar enrollment

With 1,800 people already signed up to The Central  Bank of The Bahamas’ Project Sand Dollar digital currency platform and approximately 3,000 people cued up

Five inner game tips to manage fear of public speaking

The most important element that affects the way we communicate

Seven ways lack of empathy is killing your bottom line

Empathy may not be the first characteristic associated with business

Does the way you sound matter?

A major aspect of effective and influential communication is the

Who’s really holding you back?

I’ve coached and mentored a number of professionals – young

Can performance reviews be painless?

Your heart beats a little irregularly. You start to sweat.

Are you ready for the next level?

This is one buzz term that is overused – the

Three reasons you should have an architect

When you decide to build your house there are several

React or respond

React: To act in a particular way as a direct

Stop blaming BPL

The industry claims that the traditional electric water heater accounts

Tribute to my friend, Dr. Cleveland Eneas

Recently I lost a very dear friend, Dr. Cleveland “Fritzi”

Appraise your home

Hurricane Dorian left a path of destruction never seen in

Together we can work through this

It’s September 6, 2019 and I can imagine, like myself,