Thursday, Jul 18, 2019
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The decision by the government to rent Town Centre Mall to house the General Post Office has dealt a black eye to the Minnis administration and is damaging its brand. Close attention to the details revealed on this matter makes it easy to see why some taxpayers are suspicious of the deal. To be

BPL is a disgrace

This summer, Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) has solidified itself as a national disgrace. New Providence was hit yesterday with an

An Epic Fail

There is nothing surprising about the ongoing generation issues that plague Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) today. It is not an

Know your role

The Minnis administration missed a golden opportunity to remove Nassau Village member of Parliament Halson Moultrie as speaker of the


Back in 2015, then outspoken Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Fort Charlotte MP Dr. Andre Rollins told The Nassau Guardian that

Critical state

There’s no shortage of horror stories from Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) patients. It’s no secret that the decades-old facility has

A national plague

Litter and debris line the sides of many streets across the island. Everything from trash to old refrigerators and mattresses have

A place politics need not go

Government House is in the center of Nassau, resting on an elevation giving it views of the harbor and surrounding

A shallow discourse

Some issues are worth screaming about. Others are better served through reasoned discussion and debate. The proposed Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Bill,

Let us not forget the fire

Roughly two years ago, on a windy day, the smell of smoke caught the attention of residents in Jubilee Gardens. It

Time to separate from America on marijuana policy

Marijuana policy is rapidly changing in the United States. The plant is fully legal in 10 states. Medical marijuana is

Hope amid despair

Twelve-year-old Lebron Minnis was born blind, but often feels invisible to people who can see. Sixty-year-old Ricardo Farquharson can’t hear, but