Saturday, May 30, 2020
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An eerie stillness fell over downtown Nassau yesterday as COVID-19’s stranglehold on the local and international economies tightened amidst a worsening pandemic and mounting uncertainty over how long it will last. Business along the usually bustling Bay Street slowed to a trickle, with some merchants shuttering their establishments and others preparing to do

Bahamian project remains in limbo as Crown land conflict unresolved 

Many people are waiting to see how a brewing conflict over prime Crown land on the western portion of Paradise

Bracing for impact

Close to the entrance of the Nassau Straw Market on Bay Street, Chris Ferguson sat with his mother at her stall

How do we know what to believe?

Upon coming to office in 2012, the Christie administration immediately borrowed $504 million, blaming the Free National Movement (FNM) government

Allowing democracy to work 

In 2013 after the Constitutional Commission, which was chaired by former Attorney General Sean McWeeney, presented its report, Free National

Tiresome pandering

With his government’s popularity in decline amid strained resources, a weak record and a waning term in office, Prime Minister Dr.

A greedy stranglehold on power

The person charged with driving the fulfillment of the prime minister’s election promise to deliver local government to New Providence

We were warned

In 2005, a coalition of private-sector organizations warned that The Bahamas’ existing education crisis would have a serious detrimental impact


A glaring example of local government’s clash with central government has emerged in picturesque Exuma where the majority of the

The local govt charade 

More than 20 years after the Ingraham administration introduced local government to the Family Islands, the effectiveness of local government

Whose time is it?

Without question, centralized government is at the core of our political malaise. It is evident all around us. The neglect we

A tough sell

In response to Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis’ premature declaration at a town hall meeting turned rally on January 22