Thursday, Nov 21, 2019
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The board of Bahamas Power and Light (BPL), and by extension the government of The Bahamas, appears to have collectively lost the ability to approach the dilemma that is the state power company in a reasoned manner. The recently tabled Electricity Rate Reduction Bond (RRB) Bill, coupled with statements from BPL

Spinning wheels

Over the course of years, we have opined in this space that the most significant threat to national development is

Mid-term lag

The Minnis administration is exactly two and a half years into its term in office with key items on its

A feeble rant from a hapless speaker

The level of buffoonery we witnessed emanating from the speaker’s chair when the House of Assembly convened yesterday afternoon might


Atop a little hill in Duncan Town, Ragged Island, sits a classroom with damaged desks piled up, chairs thrown across

Wave of confusion

If the Commonwealth of The Bahamas is to have a fighting chance of recovery after the horrors of Hurricane Dorian

‘No blood on my hands’

Fred Smith has seen the social media commentary suggesting he shares responsibility for the deaths of possibly hundreds of residents


The Minnis administration is walking a tightrope. In the wake of Hurricane Dorian, the Category 5 hurricane that irrevocably changed the

A tapestry of disaster

Peggy Bridgewater moved with a grace unbefitting the horrors she had witnessed and was witnessing in her native Grand Bahama. Her

Tipping point

In recent days, both our editorial writers and one of our Nassau Guardian columnists, Philip Galanis, coincidentally opined on the

No light, no water, but a determination to succeed

As we spoke with her mother on a small, dark sofa which she also uses as a bed, a young

Nowhere to go

Four years ago, Hubert Rolle, now 63, was taken to Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) in an ambulance after he suffered a