Monday, Sep 24, 2018

Funeral service for Marion Adderley, age 77 years, of Golden

FINAL RITES & BURIAL James Raymond Josey affectionately called  “Josey Wales” age

Gardner Dutton Young Man of Action, Man of Words June 3, 1929

Death Notice for Wellington George Knowles, age 80 of Golden

Final Rites and Burial for the late Ms. Roselda Elizabeth Sturrup Age 70yrs,

Death Notice for Marion Adderley , age 77 of Golden

Full Military Funeral Service for the late PC 1817 JAMES

Funeral service for Rollins Bethel, 69 yrs., a resident of

Memorial service for Vyvette Cynthia Rolle, 53 yrs., a resident

Funeral service for Kaynell Amanda Knowles-Smith, 45 yrs., a resident

Mae Davis, 81 yrs., a resident of Malaysia Way, Elizabeth

Josephine Whyte Forbes, 65 yrs., a resident of #1 Oak

Anthony Audley Fowler Sr., 56 yrs., a resident of Deveaux

Funeral Service for the late Edward Alexander Foster aged 82

Funeral Service for Mr. Nemiah Sturrup,  age 84 years, a

Mrs. Patsy Priscilla Irene Dorsett, age 76 years, a resident

Mr. Nehemiah Hansel Sturrup, age 84 years, a resident of

Funeral Service for Ms. Lulie Helena Douglas, age 86 years,

Funeral Service for Patriarch Leroy Harrington Moss Sr., age 88

Funeral Service for Evangelist, Deaconess Sarah Ann Jane Collie, age

Funeral Service for the late Dourilease Vernetta Gray- Skeete aged

Funeral Service For   For Mrs. Jane Evelyn Williams Age: 83 of

Final Rites and Burial For the late Apostle Andrew Oral Stewart

Funeral service for Rosander Clarke, 43 yrs., a resident of

Memorial Service for Bishop George Livingston Burns, 85yrs., a resident

Funeral service for Patriarch Eric Sands Sr., 88 yrs., a

Vera Mae Wright, 61 yrs., a resident of Brice Street,

Rudolph Johnson, 84 yrs., a resident of Burial Ground Corner

Vyette Cynthia Rolle, 53 yrs., a resident of Smith Street,

Jerome Pinder, 60 yrs., a resident of Taylor Drive, Bamboo

David Livingstone Johnson, age 67 years, of San Souci, Nassau,

A funeral service for the late Mertis Thurston McKenzie, age

In Loving Memory of Alwina Louise Johnson Aka "JJ" Lovingly remembered

Memorial  service for Robert McKinney, 66 yrs., a resident of Fire

Funeral service for Franklyn Bodie Sr., 78 yrs., a resident

  Funeral Service for the late Carole Watson age 75 years

DEATH NOTICE Andrew James Benjamin Ferguson age 51 years of #109

DEATH NOTICE Kareem Kyle Hepburn age 32 years of Harbour Island,

DEATH NOTICE KENNETH DENLEY MOSS affectionately called ÒTEXÓ age 64 years