Sunday, Jan 20, 2019

MR. DANNIE WILSON SR. age 62 years of Cox Street,

WILLIAM PERCIVAL FERGUSON, age 66, of St. Alban’s Drive, New

AGNES TURNQUEST, age 75, of Cherokee Sound, Abaco passed away

Funeral service for Nigel Rosson age 70, of Oxford St.,

Funeral service for Yvonne Michael-Deveaux-Shaw, age 79, Of Tower Estate

Funeral Service for Mr. Sidney Rahming, age 71 years, a

Funeral Service for Mrs. Muriel Idella Ferguson, age 77 years,

Funeral Service for the late Leroy Wilson age 70 years

Kevin Enrico Bethel age 58 years of Adderley Terrace, Faith

MR. ANDREW MORRISON age 66 years of Sapodilla Boulevard, Pinewood

Funeral service for the late Prophetess Daphanie Idell Johnson-McKinney affectionately

Funeral service for the late Carl Alexander Nairn Jr. age

DEATH NOTICE Dorette Nixon Sweeting age 58 years of Commonwealth Blvd.

Funeral service for the late Oral Nathaniel Forbes affectionately called

Funeral service for the late Olga Elizabeth Dean-Turnquest age 79

Funeral service for Orthneil Leotha Humes Sr., 59 yrs., a

Funeral service for Mary Jane Woodside, 76 yrs., a resident

Funeral service for Derek Leon Roker, 65 yrs., a resident

Funeral Service for MRS. INGRID PATRICE FORBES-SWEETING Age 48 years of Eneas

Mr. Georgio Perente Rolle King Age 30yrs, a resident of Hasselmere

Mrs. Cynthia Arlena Miller Age 74yrs, a resident of Hatchet

INGE FLINIAUX AGE 81 of Denmark, Paris, France and Nassau, passed

Death Notice for Yvonne Michel-Deveaux-Shaw aged 79, of Tower Estates

Funeral service for Matriarch Diana Roberts-Hepburn, 98 yrs., a resident

Funeral service for Erica Louella Gardiner, 38 yrs., a resident

Simone Alecia McIntosh, 30 yrs., a resident of Step Street,

Keturah Adina Duncanson Ferguson, 81 yrs., a resident of #7

Funeral Service for the late Roger Samuel Pinder age 52

Funeral Service for the late Frank Theodore Sweeting age 76

Funeral service for Joan Victoria Williams-Miller, 59 yrs., a resident

Funeral service for Faith Shantique Nairn, 22 yrs., a resident

A memorial Service for A memorial Service for Mrs. Doreen Violet

A Memorial service for Synida Rose Gardiner Dorsett will be

Funeral Service for Mr. Colin Patrick Astwood, age 64 years,

FUNERAL ANNOUNCEMENT for the late Abbott C. Combes III Longtime

Doreen Violet Moir ,nee Burnside , born on October 27

Funeral service for Meriel Edith Knowles , age 85 years,

Funeral service for Verna Violet Fox , age 82 years,

Memorial service for Louis Chuck , age 65 years, of