Tuesday, Mar 19, 2019
BPL moves toward goal

The Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) plant at Clifton Pier to provide new generation service is in the process of

The resolution of the CJ appointment

Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis has taken too long to appoint a chief justice. Just two weeks after he was

Immense challenge explaining WTO accession to public

Zhivargo Laing has an immense task in front of him. He is the country’s lead negotiator for accession to the

Culture change for the police force

In the digital age surveillance is everywhere. Most people have cell phones with cameras and video cameras. Most businesses and

Students excel at the spelling bee

A talented group of children competed yesterday at the 22nd Bahamas National Spelling Bee. Roy Seligman, 10, won, defeating contestants

Death penalty must end in Bahamas

Amid calls for abolishing capital punishment in The Bahamas, Attorney General Carl Bethel has asserted that capital punishment is not

Island Insights | Commercial Enterprises Bill in the Family Islands

In October 2017, the introduction of the Commercial Enterprises Bill came under heavy scrutiny among the Bahamian public, who weighed

Consider This | Govt submits proposed changes to deal

“Well done, well done, my good and faithful one. Welcome to the place where you belong.” — The Afters Apart from my

The five imperatives we must address to enjoy WTO membership

Nobody doubts the benefits that World Trade Organization (WTO) membership brings, but to reiterate a key previous argument, benefits are

The violence problem documented

Over the past decade there has been a high level of violence in the country. Most of that violence is

Monsignor Preston Moss: Look into the light

Fr. Preston Alexander Moss typically arose before sunrise to pray and to exercise. He began each day bathed in light,

Paradise lost for Bahamians, pt. 3

• This three-part series is from a National Progressive Institute public lecture delivered by Alfred Sears at the University of The Bahamas on

The ecclesiastical and paradoxical context of McAlpine’s anti-FNM posture

Dear Editor, Students of systematic theology would know that ecclesiology is the doctrine of the church. The New Testament church, which

Preston Moss restored our souls and defended our dignity

 Dear Editor,   Catholicism has deep roots in The Bahamas, and nowhere more so than in the Family Islands. The church was

Why is the media so hell-bent on showing up Minnis?

Dear Editor,   Juan McCartney, in the March 6,2019 National Review op-ed said that Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis “became hostile towards the

Dysfunction at the Passport Office

Dear Editor, Surely something can be done about the Passport Office. Surely, after decades of disgrace, the time has come to

Seahorse appears again in North Bimini Bay

Dear Editor, The discovery two weeks ago of a seahorse in North Bimini Bay may very well be the sign that,

Sustainable waste practices

Dear Editor, For some time now a popular Bahamian mantra has been “clean, green and pristine”. However, after a quick glance