Friday, Jul 19, 2019
Seeking efficiencies in the delivery of public services

The Bahamas needs to make it easier for businesses and the public to access public services. Too often, progress in the

The role of union leaders in the workplace

Whether it is persistent blackout or failing air-conditioning units at Princess Margaret Hospital there always appears to be one group that

It is regrettable that education standards are being lowered 

Education and training have been the linchpin of successive government programs to prepare Bahamian youth to meet the needs of

The revitalization of the City of Nassau

The recent announcement by the Downtown Nassau Partnership about the construction of the long talked about boardwalk from Rawson Square

Giving national service

Love of country is typically instilled in young people if not in their homes, in their schools where national history

A government prone to unforced errors

This FNM government regularly commits unforced errors. Even when making right, if difficult decisions, it manages to get a “fly

Front Porch | Repairers of creation: the challenge of environmental justice

“Island nations in the Caribbean are fast becoming influential test beds for innovative climate action, such as investing in decentralized

Focus | Let the games begin!

I said in a previous article that it would not be long before almost everything would become political; ahead of

Cuba: Overcoming the inertia of the tired

Just over a week ago, Cuba’s President Miguel Díaz-Canel, said that starting this month all state employed workers will receive

WTO: What it means for the Family Islands, pt. 1

In this segment, The Bahamas’ renewed efforts on World Trade Organization (WTO) accession and how that could impact the Family

Consider This | The corruption narrative

“The corruption of each government begins almost always with the corruption of its principle

Govt’s lease of Town Centre Mall from Brent Symonette: constitutional, legal and ethical issues

On July 2, 2019, St. Anne’s MP Brent Symonette appeared on the radio talk show “The Conversation” with host Shenique

Minnis being labeled an Uncle Tom is inappropriate

Dear Editor, I saw a Facebook video of a Free National Movement (FNM) supporter alleging that a controversial media personality and

The military industrial complex and mandatory services 

Dear Editor, While this idea may sound bizarre or insane, if I was prime minister, I should relinquish tourism as our

Dame Marguerite has done us proud

Dear Editor, Dame Marguerite Matilda McKenzie Pindling’s early roots can be traced back to Long Bay Cay, South Andros. She often

Problems with aircraft accident investigations being addressed

Dear Editor, The past year and a half has certainly been active with aircraft accidents impacting the sovereign waters of The

BPL: Let there be light

Dear Editor, The current state of electricity service to New Providence has reached a crisis level and must be made a

Let’s be honest about marijuana

Dear Editor, Nowadays, almost daily, the marijuana debate is in the news, and quite often it makes headline news. For various