Saturday, Mar 28, 2020
Stay home

With the announcement of four new COVID-19 cases on New Providence, bringing the country’s total confirmed cases to nine, Health

Beyond the virus

Yesterday, we highlighted some of the potential psychological impacts of the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic, and of mandated restrictions

We are our best defense

Upon receiving reports that some Jamaicans were being subjected to attacks and social exclusion on suspicion of having COVID-19, the

The new normal

The world as we know it appears to be changing inexorably every day of late. We are now in a new

Transparency and COVID-19

We have recognized the efforts by the government and particularly the Ministry of Health to keep the Bahamian people informed

Emergency order confusion

Nothing hampers public health mitigation strategies like public confusion. The Bahamas has had the benefit of months of planning for the

Consider This | Living in interesting times

“May you live in interesting times.” – Chinese expression  “May you live in interesting times” is an English expression which purports

Focus | At war with COVID-19

The Bahamas has no military but be sure, we are at war. COVID-19 is the enemy. It is a contagion

More integrated approach to the environment required

Last year, the United Nations published a document which indicated that historically unprecedented levels of human activity were causing dramatic

Consider This |  A very thin veneer

“Civilization is but a thin veneer stretched across the passions of the human heart. And civilization doesn’t just happen; we

COVID-19: We will come through this together

The upheaval caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) is all around us. And I know many are anxious, worried and confused.

A storm on the horizon: economic growth and the national skills gap

If you have been paying close attention to the news over the last few months, you know that the government

Health officials should be more forthcoming

Dear Editor, I just finished watching the Ministry of Health’s press conference to update the public on the COVID-19 situation in

Safeguarding the health of our nation

Dear Editor, The nations of the world in general and The Bahamas watch as this viral pandemic spreads and adversely impacts

Brave Davis’ misguided leadership

Dear Editor, Conventional wisdom dictates that, in times of health pandemics, we should ignore the posturing of politicians and instead lean

Weathering perilous times

Dear Editor, The challenge that faces us today, in this historic moment of change, is not how to avoid it, but

It is time to listen when Mother Nature speaks

Dear Editor, I should like to share these words in your publication as we face this present-day crisis together in the

Health officials need to be more forthcoming 

Dear Editor, I wish to record my disappointment with the Ministry of Health press conference to provide a “COVID-19 update” yesterday