Friday, Jan 24, 2020
The long and winding road of BPL and Shell

It would appear that the Shell North America deal with Bahamas Power Light (BPL) is an ever-evolving one under this

Questionable public policy surrounding BPL

Good governance requires true transparency about the crafting and intent of public policy. Accountability dictates that elected officials who were given

Major parties need soul-searching

All things change with time and political parties are naturally no exception. As the needs and perspectives of citizens in democratic

Make Cabinet decisions public

The call for a fully enacted Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) continues throughout civil society and the wider public as

Don’t do stupid things

The director of labor is loudly proposing a policy to provide for the revocation of work permits issued by the

The govt’s false narrative 

Speaking at the annual Bahamas Business Outlook conference yesterday, Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis blamed criticisms of the government’s announcement

Front Porch | Sociology, plastic bags, throw me out

The brouhaha over the single-use plastics ban and the corresponding government-mandated fees for plastic bags has been alternatingly comical and

Focus | Risk management and climate change in coastal areas and the economy

Yesterday I had an opportunity to speak to the issue of climate change and the economy at a seminar held

Rethinking design

Over the last 10 years, the Caribbean has been the site of many demographic and democratic changes. These shifts have

Consider This | Left holding the bag!

“If we have any hope of finding ways for seven billion people to live well on planet with finite resources,

Front Porch | Repairers of the breach: part two

The wind pressure from Hurricane Dorian smashed in the windows of a well-built home in Marsh Harbour, lifting the roof

The fiction of majority rule

The stage is tightly managed by a stage manager who we do not see. Her job is to direct who

Labor and the FNM 

Dear Editor, As a life-long student of Bahamian and international politics, I have long known that Brother Perry Gladstone Christie, our

PM should announce a date for election 

Dear Editor, The Bahamas Constitution Party ( BCP) views with interest the position of Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis during a

Upgrade to ranked choice voting

Dear Editor, To those who endorse democracy, enact ranked choice voting. Anyone who endorses democracy and understands our voting process can

Other nations share same concerns as Bahamas

Dear Editor, I watch the BBC and AI Jazeera networks daily to get a good understanding of global events and trends.

Please keep off the grass 

Dear Editor, Available information suggests that marijuana, or cannabis, is the most extensively used illegal drug in western societies. The federal government

More guff from Kevin Evans

Dear Editor, The imperceptive neo-conservative from the north, Kevin Evans, proved yet again that talking fool is a very serious thing. Evans