Thursday, Nov 21, 2019
Crime continues to thrive

In August, we lamented in this space the epidemic of gun violence impacting our country and called on parents not

Social ills require a greater focus

As the government moves into its third year in office, promised steps to address violent crime and protections for vulnerable

The impact of revolving deportations

The Bahamas has a long history of repatriating Haitian nationals even while growing numbers of Bahamian farmers, businesses, building contractors

The need for more tolerance

People are naturally diverse, hence only tolerance can ensure the survival of mixed communities in every region of the globe,

Earning respect in public education

In January, public school teachers at C. H. Reeves Jr. High School threatened to strike because of unhealthy working conditions.

Fomenting hate

There is no such thing as an illegal human being. National attention in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian initially centered on

What is good government?

What makes good government? This may seem to be a basic question. It might even appear to be a philosophical

Mother Nature and human nature changes our world

This column was originally published on July 3, 2019. Earth, our colossal home of dirt and rocks, changes. Fire burns the

Consider This | The Privy Council, part 1

“The decisions of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council bind us, however nonsensical they may be.” — Justice Seymour

The leadership wave

This column was first published on August 20, 2019. Talk of the idea of leadership has reached a crescendo recently, with

Front Porch | Decriminalizing marijuana: a matter of social justice

There appears to be domestic consensus on allowing the use of marijuana for medical or therapeutic purposes once prescribed by

Focus | A deadly triangle of issues

Three issues are colliding in The Bahamas that have the potential to unsettle this mostly civil society. First, there is

Choices have consequences

Dear Editor, Kindly permit me a few words in response to the recently published letter to the editor by Glenn King,

We are better than this 

Dear Editor, Before moving on to my main focus I want to thank you for your inspiring editorial entitled “The need

Focus on the family for our future

Dear Editor, As I read about crime in our newspapers, I ask myself, “What are the answers to our social problems,

On education

Dear Editor, I am writing to magnify the reality of what public education has become in this country: an incomprehensible mess

Time to be truly independent

Dear Editor, When I was much younger, there was a saying about “holdin’ on ter ya ma gown tail”. In more

There’s no place for gays: three perspectives

Dear Editor, Some may disagree that gay-based discrimination exists on the basis that gay people hold professional careers. However, this may