Tuesday, Feb 19, 2019
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The right message at a sad occasion

The Bahamas has a prosperous tourism-led economy. The standard of life here is relatively high for a developing country. Haiti, our

Govt must continue liberal approach to investments

The unemployment rate increased from 10 percent to 10.7 percent from May to November 2018, according to the latest data

Scope of Abaco migrant tragedy expands

Authorities yesterday found another body suspected to be from a Haitian sloop that ran aground in waters off Abaco on

Remembering a bold act by a PLP

It is just over two years since, in the run-up to the 2017 general election, Alfred Sears challenged Perry Christie

A boost for Grand Bahama’s economy

Carnival Cruise Line is building a new cruise port at Sharp Rock, four miles east of Lucaya in Freeport. The

Go more aggressively after the human traffickers

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and one of the poorest in the world. It has a

Focus | These things might surprise you

“The more things change, the more they remain the same,” the saying goes. In 2003, some 16 years ago, the Pew

Venezuelan crisis requires a planned humanitarian response

In the years following the Arab Spring, Europe learnt that, without prior planning and consideration, large numbers of people fleeing

The art of the steal, pt. 2

“In the infancy of societies, the chiefs of state shape its institutions; later the institutions shape the chiefs of state.”

The Great Dying, the Little Ice Age, and us

The Black Death killed about 30 percent of the European population in a few years in the middle of the 14th century.

Supporting lifelong learning

A significant tool in the continuity of lifelong learning is the community environment (CE). A community environment integrates resources, services,

Front Porch | Reimagining and revitalizing the City of Nassau

The revitalization of the City of Nassau, like most city revitalizations, is a long-term and complex process, requiring careful planning,

Hope is not a foreign policy

Dear Editor, When engaged in international relations a government must never base its policies on hope. Hope seems to be the cornerstone

Speaking truth to a reckless power

Dear Editor, What was once a deplorable embarrassment, known as downtown, Nassau, has now graduated to a calculated insult upon our

Upgrade to ranked choice voting

Dear Editor, To those who endorse democracy, enact ranked choice voting. Anyone who endorses democracy and understands our voting process can

Leadership from the inside out: the importance of character

Dear Editor, Character is said to be “your moral self,” “moral structure”, or “the imprint on the soul”. I have concluded

We should boycott Buju Banton

Dear Editor, Buju Banton was three years old when the late Bob Marley lived in Nassau and spent hours on end,

Improvements at Immigration

Dear Editor, I went to the Department of Immigration on Hawkins Hill three days ago and was extremely impressed with the