Wednesday, Feb 19, 2020
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Time to make decisions on marijuana

The National Commission on Marijuana anti-climatically submitted a preliminary report and recommendations to the government on January 21, 2020, some

Dorian’s deeper toll

As debate about Hurricane Dorian-related expenditures heats up and statistics and estimates of damage and loss inform arguments for and

Safety and marriage

In The Bahamas, marriage remains a most sought after institution; one where a man and woman come together to commit

The culture must value education

A conclusion of the Oxford Economics report laid out a problem at the heart of Bahamian society. In its World

The skills gap

Many businesses are exasperated by the continued misalignment between staffing needs and the graduates our school system produces. The recent release

Undermining unity

Before the close of the last decade, we spoke in this space about the indispensable role unity plays in the

Recognizing fake news

Human beings seem hardwired to believe in conspiracies and plots by certain groups and individuals seemingly bent on nefarious purposes

Focus | The economic growth we need

The Central Bank of The Bahamas believes that our economy will experience almost zero growth this year and return to

Consider This | The dogged doldrums of disquiet

What is far worse than professing a lie is a complete obliviousness to the truth. On any given day, when speaking

Tourism 2020 and beyond: charging forward, pt. 1

Happy 2020 Bahamas! May the peace and joy of the new year stay with you all year long. As I

Getting to the top: Starting your success journey right, pt. 2

The questioning is the process of confirming the authenticity of your capacity, capability and competence. If these are not in

Front Porch | The poison and toxicity of fake news

The American writer and literary critic Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849), who lived to be only 40, was the master of

Maintaining standards in the House 

Dear Editor,  Watching today’s proceedings of the House of Assembly, there’s the member for Pinewood, Ruben Rahming, again bringing the decorum

Churches should play important role in rebuilding after storm 

Dear Editor, Five dreary months have passed since Hurricane Dorian lay waste Abaco and Grand Bahama, and daily in the local

Climate change: a major global threat

Dear Editor, The climate change – that is, the change of the global climate and in particular the changes in

Holding accountable those who aid human trafficking

Dear Editor, For decades, sloops filled with illegal Haitians have left Haiti destined for our shores. Many have landed successfully, and

Let’s go the whole hog on marijuana legalization 

Dear honorable brother Marvin H. Dames, the Most Honorable Hubert A. Minnis, the Honorable Carl W Bethel, Q.C., et al: I

Sustainability as a matter of survival

Dear Editor, Cannabis will prove to be a vital element in resetting and supporting the economies of small island developing states