Monday, Jun 24, 2019
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The repayment of student loans

Jeffrey Lloyd, member of Parliament for South Beach and minister of education, threatened to garnish the salaries of public officers

Positive aspects of the 2019/ 2020budget

Peter Turnquest, member of Parliament for East Grand Bahama, deputy prime minister and minister of finance, inherited a difficult situation

The Bahamas postal service

Bahamians, especially those in New Providence, welcome the opening of the new post office in the Town Centre Mall. After

Chester’s caustic critique of the budget

This is the third in a series of editorials we are publishing on the government’s 2019/2020 budget. Today we discuss

Cuba, the U.S. embargo and Bahamas tourism

There is seldom a gray cloud that does not have a silver lining for someone. The thaw in relations between the

Labor unrest in the hotel sector

As the Bahamian tourism sector begins to show increased signs of recovery following a sluggish decade, disharmony on the labor

Restoring the central role of Caribbean agriculture

When in the early 1990s it became apparent that Europe’s preferential regimes for Caribbean bananas and sugar were coming to

The fourth estate revisited

Since the initial article on this topic, much has changed. When this article was published, the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP)

Front Porch | Urban development of New Providence

A friend recently hosted a guest from a southern Caribbean twin-island state, who was extremely impressed with how developed New

Focus | Glory’s struggles

I watch many documentaries – especially ones about people who achieved greatness in their craft. I find them simply fascinating.

Suicide, mercy and redemption

• This column was first published on March 22, 2010. Whatever the circumstances of our birth, there are no “bastards” in

The Bahamas economic outlook

Recently, I had occasion to give a talk to a group of financial executives about the country’s economic outlook. My

Examining Pindling’s strained relationship with Sir Randol Fawkes, pt.2

Dear Editor, The late Bahamas Federation of Labour (BFL) President Sir Randol Fawkes was patently inconsistent in his assessments of the

The Bahamas’ economic outlook

Dear Editor, The recent piece in The Nassau Guardian by Zhivargo Laing, which he presented to a “group of financial executives

Legacy of Alrae Ramsey and Blair John must survive

Dear Editor, The heart of this nation should ache for the loss of two propitious young men who met a cruel

No such thing as a PLP or FNM governor general

Dear Editor, It appears that The Bahamas is the only Caribbean country that has customarily accepted the tradition of changing governors

Raising standards

Dear Editor, Having watched and read consistently the budgetary comments in the honorable House of Assembly has left me with much

Concerning the gaffe of MICAL MP Miriam Emmanuel

Dear Editor, MICAL MP Miriam Emmanuel has been unfairly and ruthlessly raked over the coals on social media for committing one