Friday, Jul 3, 2020
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An unfortunate resignation from Cabinet

Ever since the prime minister told us that there was a breach of protocol by the landing of an aircraft with

Collapsing trust

Both Grand Bahama and Bimini have for more than 14 days remained without detection of a new COVID-19 case. New Providence’s

America’s pain and shame

Most Bahamians have been transfixed by U.S. social media and television accounts of the trauma tearing apart major American cities

Testing, testing

As The Bahamas prepares for its re-entry into the tourism market several weeks from now, there appears to be a

Things fall apart

The country is moving toward reopening following the shutdown meant to contain and reduce the spread of COVID-19. Today, Grand Bahama

Appeal to fear

Current COVID-19 statistical trends suggest that the country’s outbreak of the disease has been contained. A leveling off of cases has

Going to the source amid COVID-19

Since the arrival of COVID-19 on our Bahamian shores, the word on most of our mouths is food. Once the lockdown was

Consider This | The fog of war, pt. 3

“In war, the first casualty is the truth.” — Aeschylus Two weeks ago, in part one of this series, we observed

Tourism: Lessons from COVID-19

Preliminary Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) estimates indicate that there will be a 45 percent decline in international

The vaccine: part 1

Within the last seven months, I have had the unfortunate opportunity to witness two of the most life-changing and devastating

The fog of war, pt. 2

“In war, the first casualty is the truth.” — Aeschylus Last week, we observed that, throughout the history of wars, a

Earth Day 2020: the urgency of taking climate action now

COVID-19 has upended life as we knew it in The Bahamas. However, as we deal with the widespread impacts of

Cybersecurity must be given the upmost priority by the government

Dear Editor, The Democratic National Alliance (DNA) has given the government extensive recommendations to strengthen the information and communications technology (ICT)

The best days are ahead 

Dear Editor, I do not subscribe to the doom and gloom scenario being currently preached by some. Yes, the onslaught of Dorian

The delusions of transgenderism

Dear Editor, The human mind has the power to believe anything. Ideas are the seeds of belief. This mind can believe

We need more testing for COVID-19

Dear Editor, It gives me great pleasure to present to the nation my view on this COVID-19 pandemic and my thoughts

Take your knee off my neck — a Bahamian perspective

Dear Editor, The writer of Psalm 12:5 says, “Because the poor are plundered and the needy groan, I will now arise

Spare us your crocodile tears, Bahamasair

Dear Editor, Recently, we have had a river of tears cried over Bahamasair by everyone from the minister of tourism, the