Tuesday, Jan 28, 2020

The governing Free National Movement (FNM) launched its bid for re-election last week on a foundation of disinformation, misleading some of this country’s most disenfranchised communities in a telling signal that the Bahamian people could be in for a political period marked by desperation and untoward attempts to maintain power

Our money, our business

The Parliamentary Salaries and Allowances Act should be expanded to set out all benefits afforded to parliamentarians, inclusive of travel,


There are key underlying factors that led to public fallout over the outcome of last week’s pledge conference sponsored by

Travel benefits increase for ministers

As part of the Minnis administration’s new travel policy for ministers implemented by Cabinet last year, ministers’ spouses will be

Petition power

Have you ever seen an online petition started by Bahamians on a pressing issue and thought, “What’s the point in

Answers sought on hurricane relief supplies housed in Freeport

Irate Abaco residents have expressed frustration about what they believed to be donated roofing supplies earmarked for Abaco that have


A wife and 23-month-old baby boy. A mother, brother and cousin. A father. If they were your loved ones and they were suddenly

A test of confidence

The parliamentary outcome of the opposition’s motion of no confidence against Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis was of no surprise

The future of GB’s public healthcare post-Dorian

The real solution for healthcare on Grand Bahama is a brand new hospital that includes services not currently provided on

‘It’s lonely out here’

It’s been over three months since the passage of Hurricane Dorian, and the silence of vacated Freeport communities ripped apart

A broader view of corruption

Whenever Bahamians hear the word corruption, the typical imagery is one of politicians and public officials stealing funds, striking under-the-table

GB hopeful for TSA green light

With American Airlines not currently offering direct flights to Freeport until mid-February and passengers not yet able to book direct