Wednesday, Feb 19, 2020

Colorism, generally defined as discrimination or prejudice within an ethnic or social group against individuals of a darker skin tone, has been and continues to be a source of pain, division and self-loathing for many Bahamians. The colorist mindsets and attitudes we see and experience today in The Bahamas stem primarily

National Intelligence Agency to be progressed this year

Movement toward establishing the National Crime Intelligence Agency (NCIA) should begin by the second quarter of this year, according to

The long road home

A home. It’s a place of security and safety where a person is both psychologically and financially invested, and has a

Stand for something

Bahamian politics today is missing several key ingredients, two of which are courage and the willingness of politicians to stand

Someone to care

You never know where life might take you. Awash in tears and in the comfort of our embrace, wife and mother

More human remains found on GB

Acting on reports from members of the public last week, police on Grand Bahama located two sets of human remains

Violation of trust

The governing Free National Movement (FNM) launched its bid for re-election last week on a foundation of disinformation, misleading some

Our money, our business

The Parliamentary Salaries and Allowances Act should be expanded to set out all benefits afforded to parliamentarians, inclusive of travel,


There are key underlying factors that led to public fallout over the outcome of last week’s pledge conference sponsored by

Travel benefits increase for ministers

As part of the Minnis administration’s new travel policy for ministers implemented by Cabinet last year, ministers’ spouses will be

Petition power

Have you ever seen an online petition started by Bahamians on a pressing issue and thought, “What’s the point in

Answers sought on hurricane relief supplies housed in Freeport

Irate Abaco residents have expressed frustration about what they believed to be donated roofing supplies earmarked for Abaco that have