Tuesday, Jul 7, 2020
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It’s pitch black at night. There is rubble, there is ruin, and the scornful vermin it attracts. A solitary shoe, a mangled car and a child’s bicycle are among remnants of what used to be, monumented amidst salt-stripped mangroves and steps away from the scorched earth of trash heaps burned, in part,

Missing details

Minister of National Security Marvin Dames’ contradiction of the Royal Bahamas Police Force’s (RBPF) most recent statement on the number

Sands on the record

Behind-the-scenes details on what led to his departure from the Cabinet of The Bahamas, the purported breach of protocol and

The cost of accountability

A projected multibillion-dollar gross domestic product (GDP) contraction and hundreds of millions in recurrent revenue losses due to the impact

Waiting game

When Hurricane Dorian unleashed its fury on Grand Bahama, commercial cruise travel to the island was suspended for almost two

Adjusting to change

Approximately 80 percent of businesses in Freeport had re-opened late last year post-Dorian, according to the Grand Bahama Port Authority’s

National Intelligence Agency to be progressed this year

Movement toward establishing the National Crime Intelligence Agency (NCIA) should begin by the second quarter of this year, according to

The long road home

A home. It’s a place of security and safety where a person is both psychologically and financially invested, and has a

Stand for something

Bahamian politics today is missing several key ingredients, two of which are courage and the willingness of politicians to stand

Someone to care

You never know where life might take you. Awash in tears and in the comfort of our embrace, wife and mother

More human remains found on GB

Acting on reports from members of the public last week, police on Grand Bahama located two sets of human remains

Bahamians want to be heard

In a somewhat rare occurrence, back to back town meetings in a single week were held on Grand Bahama to