Together we are strong

Dear Editor,

This past Independence Day might have been the most important one to me.

This Independence Day has made me realize that we need to truly be an independent nation. We must be self sustainable and we must create new opportunities for Bahamians.

You see, we cannot have a Bahamian dream if the life of an average Bahamian is not one to dream about living.

What we often have in this country is people living the expat dream; the dream of moving to The Bahamas, creating generational wealth and enjoying the sun, sand and sea with little to no problems.

What God has given us is a beautiful country strategically placed geographically making it a wonderful and go-to tourist destination, all right in our faces. What He has also given us that we have yet to tap into with a decent plan is our resources worth billions of dollars.

Our resources rage from aragonite, limestone, our very own Bahamian people and the list goes on and on.

We, as an independent nation, must work together to make our country versatile. We must create new industries that can create wealth for more and more Bahamians and create more jobs by Bahamians for Bahamians.

We must educate our people in these various industries, so the need for high-skilled foreign work isn’t a need but a want.

We must create a Bahamas beneficial to Bahamians.

This year has taught us many lessons, and it has brought many things to light but what we do with what we have learned will determine our future.

I want all Bahamians moving forward to exercise true independence and help make a Bahamas worth living in.

Make the Bahamian dream come true for Bahamians.

We must want it bad enough, fight hard enough for it, prepare and educate for it and take it with majority ownership.

As Bahamians, let’s find a way to benefit our own people first and foremost. Let’s set our country up to provide wealth and the best standard of living for our country.

We, as a country, must defy all the odds and have tourism as a good contributor to our reserves, not the only contributor.

Let’s believe in ourselves and progress together because separated we are weak, but together we are a mighty little nation.

Together we are Bahamas strong.

— Bryant Lowe

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