Trial and error

Dear Editor,

The return to The Bahamas of Leader of the Progressive Liberal Party Philip Brave Davis, QC, is welcomed news.

First of all, the Lord Jesus Christ, has been merciful to Brave. Secondly, the PLP needs Brave, more than ever before as The Bahamas transitions from the Minnis regime.

The PLP needs to urgently conceptualize, devise and suggest in the public domain an economic and social charter with the unwashed masses as we prepare for the general election, which I submit will be held long before the expiration of the parliamentary term. One need not be a rocket scientist. The unmistakable handwriting is on the wall for all to see, even those who are visually impaired.

Brave’s successful treatment for COVID-19 and recovery were essential in keeping the PLP on even keel. That party does not have a deep leadership basis. I state boldly and without fear of credible contradiction — the deputy leader is, no doubt, a good Bahamian and his day may well come one day but not now.

Real PLPs respect Brother Cooper but he is a political novice and is not, so they say, ingrained in the natural philosophy of the iconic PLP. Some suggest that he may be a Christie ‘plant’ or a Manchurian candidate for the FMN.

In Bahamian politics either you pay your dues or, like the competent authority, who got his ultimate post by accident, you get where you need to go by default. If Brent Symonette were a ‘black man, he would have naturally succeed Hubert Alexander Ingraham.

I have been privileged to know both of the Huberts. Ingraham, despite his obvious shortcomings, was a real leader. Minnis seems to be a pretender leader based on trial and error.

May I be allowed to say why? Ingraham was a man whose word was his bond. He was a gruff but gifted leader who was able, probably still is, to effectively communicate with the unwashed masses. Mind you, he was no orator, like Brother Christie, but he was capable of laying out a workable plan and ensure the means to play it out.

Our beloved (or is it most hated) prime minister and his people them abruptly shuttered the entire nation in March of this year, with scant notice. Why they did so was never fully explained, even if some of the measures initially worked.

Without common sense and scientific public data, they allowed Bahamians (who were supposed to be broke ) to get to the USA for supposed medical treatment and back to school shopping. 

Brave has been granted a second lease on life.

The PLP must get battle ready; select a slate of sensible and nation building candidates, no flaky or jokey candidates. No individuals who seek to get into the House for personal and economic enrichment. We are no longer for that.

The ravages of Dorian should have been a wake-up call for Minnis and his crew but it was simply, it seems, an opportunity to appoint multiple disaster people and agencies. There seems to be no accountable or fiscal responsibility.

Brave must now step up to the plate. The days of doll house and party politics, as we know or recognize them are over. Chester and Fred Mitchell, et al, are great people and party members but Brave is the de facto and de jure (leader) of the PLP.

If Brave were to realize this, he could order his prime minister’s suit now to be sworn in by the end of next year, if not before. The handwriting is on the wall. Trial by error is not working except for those in the ruling elite.  

Ortland H. Bodie, Jr.

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