Tribute to Dr. Eugene Newry

I am deeply saddened by the passing of Dr. Eugene Newry, my dear friend of many decades and a comrade in the struggle for the fullness of democracy in our Bahamas. He was one of a group of young men who banded together back in the late 50s to further the cause of majority rule for The Bahamas.

This involvement entailed many long hours of discussions and political activity, and a historic demonstration on the occasion of the 1962 “Big Three” meeting in Nassau (President J.F. Kennedy of the US, Prime Minister Harold Macmillan of the UK and Prime Minister John Diefenbaker of Canada).

Even though his pursuit of education took him to Europe, he remained active in the movement and contributed articles to our newspaper Bahamian Times.

Dr. Newry had an attractive personality, an impressive intellect, a love of literature, a delight in debate and a deep devotion to our Bahamas. That devotion led him to serve his people in several capacities: as a young political activist, as a neurosurgeon and more recently as a diplomat.

Some of the bonds created decades ago never weakened. So, it was that, just recently, I had the great pleasure of spending some beautiful hours with our late friend and brother, Eugene, along with another friend and comrade Rawson McDonald.

My wife Joan and my family join me in extending our deepest sympathy to Mrs. Newry and the children. I share in their loss. May he rest in peace.

Arthur A. Foulkes

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