T’Ron and D’Ron Strapp, first recipients of Carleton Williams Caribbean Bottling Company Scholarship, graduate high school

In 2016, twin brothers T’Ron and D’Ron Strapp, impressed panelists of the Wendy’s and Coca-Cola Bright Minds Bright Future Scholarship, so much so, that they became the first recipients of the Carleton Williams Caribbean Bottling Company Scholarship – a program launched in 2016 to finance one student per year graduating from a public primary school seeking attendance to a private high school. The program rotates between New Providence (eligible only to students attending Garvin Tynes Primary School) and Grand Bahama each year.

In what has felt like the “blink of an eye”, six years have passed and the brothers have graduated from Aquinas College with significant honors. Both young men graduated on the Principal’s List, which requires a grade point average (GPA) of 3.80 and higher and were shining stars throughout their six years of high school. In 2019, the Strapp brothers visited Australia to participate in the World Scholar’s Cup, which eventually took them to compete at Yale University in Connecticut. They both sat nine Bahamas General Certificate of Secondary Education (BGCSE) examinations in the 11th grade, and several Advanced Placement (AP) courses.

Naturally, their journey now takes them to the world of tertiary education. Both T’Ron and D’Ron were accepted to the New York Institute of Technology, where they received a partial scholarship. As it was a partial scholarship, both young men now find themselves sourcing additional funding to cover the full gamut of needs including tuition, books, room and board, as well as air travel.

“It has truly been a pleasure to watch T’Ron and D’Ron grow and mature these past several years,” said Karla Wells-Lisgaris, brand manager at Caribbean Bottling Company. “Time after time, they validated that they were the best choice to launch our in-house scholarship. They exuded not only academic dedication and aptitude, but also an air of thoughtfulness that sets them head and shoulders above the crowd. We at Caribbean Bottling remain committed to providing high school tuition for those younger recipients, and encourage all private citizens and corporate Bahamas to consider assisting these two young men realize their full potential.” Anyone interested in providing financial assistance to the Strapp brothers can contact T’Ron Strapp at, or Karla Wells-Lisgaris at

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