Trump to nominate William Douglass as Bahamas ambassador

United States President Donald J. Trump on Saturday announced his intent to nominate William A. Douglass as ambassador to The Bahamas.

Douglass’ connection to The Bahamas spans several decades with his grandfather, Juan T. Trippe, playing a significant role in the development of South Eleuthera in the 1960s.

According to Douglass, Trippe, the founder of Pan American Airways, introduced “proper” airlift to Nassau and Rock Sound, Eleuthera; developed the Cotton Bay Club; and developed the Preston Albury High School in South Eleuthera.

“Following in my grandparents’ footsteps, for more than 25 years, I have considered it my duty to give back to the people of The Bahamas, whether by supporting local students who attend schools abroad, local churches and their outreach or helping endow charities that serve Eleuthera residents; among them is Eleuthera’s extraordinarily successful Island School,” Douglass wrote in a letter last September.

In January 2017, Chris Maxey, the founder of Island School, wrote a letter to Trump, asking that Douglass be considered for the position of ambassador to The Bahamas.

“Doug loves the Bahamian people,” Maxy wrote.

“He has never stopped giving back to the communities here in South Eleuthera. There are so many examples from resurfacing the Wemyss Bight basketball court, to buying Jimmy Limbo a fishing boat, to paying Nola Brown’s airfare to be in Sydney to watch her son win the gold medal. Doug is there for people and for the environment.

“If given the opportunity to be the next U.S. Ambassador to The Bahamas, Mr. Douglass will have a national impact and further build on the great relationship that exists between our two nations. Please know that Mr. Doug Douglass has my strongest possible recommendation to become our next ambassador. He will surely make all U.S. citizens who love The Bahamas proud.”

Douglass has donated a basketball court and climbing wall, and other amenities, to a primary school in Eleuthera.

He has gifted roughly 400 pairs of Converse sneakers to the children and young adults on the island.

In 1994, Douglass founded K2 Advisors and managed it for more than two decades before selling the company to Franklin Templeton Investments in 2012.

He has served as managing director of Caspian Securities LLC as well as Tiedemann International Research [Ltd.].

He has also served on multiple non-profit boards, including those of the Jazz Foundation of America, CitySquash, the Brooklyn Academy of Music and Outward Bound USA.

Douglass received his B.A. degree from Vanderbilt University.

He is the second person to be considered for the post since Trump came to office nearly four years ago.

In May 2017, Trump announced his intent to nominate “Papa” Doug Manchester as ambassador to The Bahamas.

However, Manchester’s nomination failed to receive consideration from the Senate’s Committee on Foreign Relations in January 2018.

In October, Manchester Financial Group told The Nassau Guardian that Manchester had decided to step back from his bid to become ambassador.

The White House officially withdrew his nomination the following month.

Nicole Avant was the last U.S. ambassador to The Bahamas. She left the post in 2011.

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Jasper Ward

Jasper Ward started at The Nassau Guardian in September 2018. Ward covers a wide range of national and social issues. Education: Goldsmiths, University of London, MA in Race, Media and Social Justice

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