Two accused of harboring murder suspect cleared

A Supreme Court jury yesterday acquitted a man and his son of hiding a murder suspect in their home.

Trevor Taylor, 53, and Trevado Taylor, 29, were accused of harboring Deiondre Delvon Demeritte from April 15 to April 21, 2016.

They were unanimously cleared at their trial before Justice Renae McKay.

The deadly shooting happened on April 8 at Carmichael Road. Demeritte was convicted of the murder of Calvin Thompson last year and sentenced to 58 years.

Demeritte was catching a ride with Thompson when he shot him multiple times.

In his sentencing remarks, Justice Bernard Turner said, “This convict is nothing less than a cold-blooded killer, who killed the deceased person, who was known to him.”

“Society, simply put, must be protected from young men who mark their entry to criminal behavior by executing other men for reasons completely unknown.”

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