Two confirmed cases of COVID-19 in public schools

Director of Education Marcellus Taylor said yesterday there are two confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the public school system.

The cases were recently confirmed at D.W. Davis Junior High School and the Stapledon School.

“There’s two protocols for cleaning: one is if it’s only a suspected case and one [if it] is an actual case,” Taylor said.

“What we did is we treated them all as if they are actual cases. So, the protocols that we put in place for cleaning and all that was based on if it was a positive case just to be sure. In regards to the contact tracing, that is not done by us. That is done by the Surveillance Unit.” 

Taylor was unable to say how many people are quarantined as a result of the cases.

He said the confirmed cases will not affect the reopening of schools next month.

“The persons who were identified with the COVID-19 virus were isolated,” he said.

“Anybody suspected of being high-exposure would’ve been included in the contact tracing and would’ve been quarantined.” 

Taylor said the Ministry of Education will continue to “press on”.

“We have to find a way to make it work,” he said.

“People aren’t necessarily getting this at the schools. They are coming to the schools with it. I mean there may be some people who get it at the schools but how do we know where people get these things? They probably go all over the place. It’s not like they go from home to school.” 

Schools across The Bahamas were closed since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in March.

Both public and private schools will reopen on October 5 with schools on Abaco, Eleuthera and New Providence reopening virtually. Public school teachers are mandated to provide virtual instruction from their school campuses.

Schools on the remaining islands, including Grand Bahama which has the second highest number of COVID cases in the country, will reopen for face-to-face instruction.

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