Two men rob Rubis on West Bay Street

Two men robbed Rubis Gas Station on West Bay Street on Tuesday morning, leaving staff and customers shaken.

Surveillance footage shows the two men walking through the aisles of the service station, seemingly browsing, before they held up the cashier and a customer.

One of the men even took the time to grab a Gatorade and a chip before carrying out the brazen robbery.

As the men approached the cashier, one of the men pulled out a gun while the other pulled out a plastic bag for the cashier to load the money into.

Cashier on duty Wilbot Fils-Ame said he was giving a customer his change when one of the armed robbers instructed him to put the money from the register into the plastic bag.

He said he thought it was a joke until he saw the gun.

“When I saw the gun, I said, anyway I [have] no choice,” Fils-Ame said.

He added that everyone was scared.

Juliette McCafferty, whose husband was robbed, said the men took all of his cash and credit cards.

“I’m still shaken up because I was sitting there in my car and the window was down and bag was just on the seat there and I’m just so thankful that they didn’t think to come over and do anything to me or any of the other guys,” she said.

Police said the matter is under investigation.

Both men were wearing face masks.

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