Two sets of skeletal remains found on GB

Exactly eight months after Hurricane Dorian’s devastating landfall in east Grand Bahama spawned 11 confirmed deaths and left 22 missing and presumed dead, skeletal remains thought to be of an adult and child have been discovered.

Head of the island’s Central Detective Unit Chief Superintendent Brian Rolle told The Nassau Guardian that the remains were discovered last Friday morning in the eastern settlement of High Rock.

High Rock is the settlement that recorded the highest number of presumed casualties as a result of Dorian.

Rolle said, “On Friday, May 1, at about 11:11 a.m., officers stationed in the High Rock area were informed by a male, who was doing some work on a home located at South Riding Point, about the discovery of human remains.”

He added, “He said that, while another male, who was assisting him, went through some recently burnt bushes in the area [and] he discovered two skeletal remains.”

Investigators processed the remains, which were taken to the Rand Memorial Hospital morgue for further examination and tissue removal for forensic identification purposes.

The island’s lead investigator continued, “Currently, there is no known sexual orientation of either skeletal remains at the time of this report; however based upon the size, it is believed to be an adult and a child.”

Back in January, two sets of skeletal remains were located in the eastern settlement of Pelican Point.

Rolle disclosed that pathologists subsequently determined one of the sets to be that of an animal and not a human.

Last October, the remains of a little boy were discovered in the eastern settlement of Rocky Creek.

DNA samples taken from family members of the missing were sent to a U.S. lab last year for analysis.

Results of DNA matching on the little boy’s remains and the remains of an unidentified female are still pending.


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